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Acadia National Park Camping for everyone

Nov 25


Acadia National Park Camping is in Maine, a beautiful and historic spot that should be on your list of camping destination should you find yourself in the area. The Great Pond campground, for example, is just one of the many campsites available for camping near Acadia National Park. It's situated near Jordan Pond and includes 113 sites. There are also some sites that are accessible for people with disabilities. Other features include potable water at the bathhouse, no utility hookups or dump stations, and a hand-pumped sink inside the cabin.

1. Blackwoods Campground: Located near the southwest side of the park, this campground is open year-round and has over 120 sites. On Saturday nights, children's programs are offered. Facilities include a dump station, flush toilets, and running water. Blackwoods is one of three campgrounds that have an entrance fee.

2. Arnold Campground: This campsite in Acadia National Park is located on a small tidal bay in a remote part of the island. You need a permit for this site which you can purchase from the ranger office. This site is only accessible by boat and does not include a ranger station, potable water, or dump station.

3. Great Pond Campground: This campsite is situated near Jordan Pond and contains 113 sites including some that are accessible for people with disabilities. There is potable water at the bathhouse and there are no utility hookups or dump stations available here. A hand-pumped sink is inside the cabin for use.


4. Seawall Cabin: Located near Jordan Pond, this beautiful cabin accommodates up to 10 people and has a small kitchenette. It also has an outdoor picnic table and firepit as well as a grill, soapstone woodburning stove, a hand-pumped sink inside the cabin, and composting toilets outside. Pets are not permitted in this area, and there is a $10 fee per night.

5. Seawall Campground: This campsite is located near Otter Cove on Frenchman Bay and can accommodate up to 100 people. Sites are first come, first served for this site. Facilities include flush toilets and a ramp for people with disabilities, but there are no showers or utility hookups.

There are six campsites available in Acadia National Park. One important thing to note is that the cabins are only located near Jordan Pond and Blackwoods Campground. Stay away from the campsite near Seawall if you prefer peace and quiet. Camping Acadia national park is fun for the whole family or maybe just for a get away with the adults it has everything you might want to enjoy nature.