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What Is The Definition Of Employment History?

Jan 17

An individual's employment history comprises the firms for which they have worked, the jobs they have had, the length of time they have worked, and even the pay they have received. During the job verification procedure, it is occasionally necessary to provide a detailed work history.


What Information Is Included In My Work History?

  • Companies for which I worked.
  • Titles of positions.
  • Employment dates are listed.
  • Earned a salary or compensation.


What Is The Importance Of Work Experience?

A detailed work history may reveal a lot about a potential employee's background. When looking through a person's work history, check for things like:

  • Time gaps between jobs.
  • Short-term assignments (less than a year).
  • Disparities in remuneration levels.

While the candidate may have perfectly acceptable answers for all of the above, factors such as these might also be a red flag that indicates a lack of dedication or excitement for one's job. Above all, a thorough job history serves as the final confirmation of a person's credentials and expertise.


How To Get Your Work History:

You may obtain your whole job history in a few different methods.


Use your tax returns to your advantage.

Using your tax returns is one of the most basic methods to piece together your job history. Most individuals save copies of their tax returns for a few years, so you already have all of the information you need to keep a complete record of their work.


Contact the tax office in your state.

In many places, the state tax agency may provide you with a complete job history. Granted, if you've migrated from one state to another within the time period in issue, this strategy won't work. You may be required to fill out a request form by your state in order to have access to your information. Keep in mind that the extent of the state's records in terms of how far back they go and how thorough the job information is may be restricted.


Make a request for information from the Social Security Administration.

You can obtain your job history from the Social Security Administration since your Social Security number is used to track Social Security contributions made via your income. Depending on whatever option you select, this will cost $34 or $91. (certified or non-certified). To submit your request, please fill out this form.


Make contact with former employers.

If you can't find all of the information you need about prior positions, you can contact former employers and request a record of your time there. For instances like these, most firms maintain information on prior employees on file.