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What Features Should a Great Car GPS Have?

Mar 15

With so many gadgets out there, sometimes it is easy to get lost in all the technology. Cars are not left out of this frenzy. Today, cars are a lot more than a means to transport you from place to place. They have become a signature move to showcase who you are. Cars can be personalized to suit your lifestyle. Among the numerous features that come with some cars or that are added to cars either for lifestyle choices, safety precautions or to make life a bit easier are the GPS units. The GPS units help you keep track of where you are, so you can say goodbye to getting lost or forego the hassle of having to ask for directions! A global positioning system (GPS) works in such a way that it helps you navigate your destination, point of interest or route as you drive. 

Typically, a number of GPS units come with the basic pre-loaded maps and provide spoken directions as well as automatic rerouting in case you miss a turn, however, there are features that can be incorporated or which come with some GPS units. Knowledge of the same can help you decide which unit to purchase, depending on your requirements.

Some car GPS features include:

  • The Screen Size - Screen sizes range from 3.5 to 7 inches. Wide screen sizes are more ideal to many because they make for easier tapping of the menus, entering text or reading. However, care must be taken not to end up with a very wide screen that will obstruct your view of the road.
  • Lane Assist - A lane assist helps guide you into the proper lane by showing you a realistic view of the actual road signs that you need to follow. This way you are able to properly execute an upcoming maneuver.
  • Spoken Street names - This feature, dependant on the GPS unit lets you know where to turn by actually speaking out the street name. it is also dubbed as the text-to-speech feature as it helps you keep your eyes on the road as opposed to looking at the GPS. Some units announce street names, which others, the more pricey ones give you landmarks.
  • Routing Option - The routing option feature alerts you to toll roads on your chosen route, this way, you get to steer clear of the same. Other routing options include hiking or biking routes, and multiple trips.
  • Hands-free calling with bluetooth - This feature enables you make or receive phone calls by use of the device’s microphone. This is a great feature to have since with a compatible, Bluetooth-enables phone, it is able to indicate who is calling on the unit and quiets the directions while the call is being made. In addition, there are some units that allow for dialing point-of-interest locations that are found in the GPS device.
  • MP3 and Video player - GPS units that come with this feature mean that you can carry your music with you. The video player addition is also a great feature, especially for road trips with families.