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Games to Play at Your Next Family BBQ

May 17

Planning a BBQ with the family? You should definitely bring games. These activities can fill the party with fun and excitement and make the gathering more eventful. Here are some ideas: Four-legged team race, Water balloon toss, Spikeball, cornhole toss, and Lawn darts. The fun will last longer and everyone will have a blast! Listed below are games you can play with your family and friends at your next BBQ.

Four-legged team race

Whether your family is small or large, this four-legged team race is fun for all. A group of people can participate in this game, but it's important for all of them to be coordinated and walk at the same speed. Fortunately, there are a variety of games that allow you to play this outdoor activity with children. Listed below are some fun ideas for family BBQ games. You can also use these games to keep the kids entertained and occupied while enjoying a great meal.

The first four-legged race is a classic. This game requires two partners to stand shoulder to shoulder and tie their inside legs together. You'll need a large space and a stopwatch to keep score. Make sure the wraps are tight enough to keep the partners together, but not too tight that they hurt each other's ankles. If you want a game for everyone to take part in, you can make your own rules for the race.

Water balloon toss

If you're looking for a family game to cool off the hot summer evenings, there are plenty of water balloon toss games to choose from. These games will keep everyone hydrated, cool off the hot summer weather and help you and your kids cool off from the heat! Here are some fun games to play at your next family BBQ. The best part? All of them are free!

For water balloon toss games, you'll need two equal-sized balloons and a gadget to throw them. To play, pair up and stand near each other while holding the large ends of the towels. Toss each water balloon, trying not to break them and escaping with the balloon is the aim. The team that can last the longest without popping their balloon wins! It's a great family game that will keep everyone entertained for hours.

You can also play cornhole if you know the rules.

Lawn darts

When the family barbecue gets out of control, a fun game to play is Lawn Darts. The rules for playing this lawn game are simple. Each player throws two colorful darts in alternating sequences at a target ring. To score points, the dart must stay within the ring. Players can play alone or in a team of two. The objective is to score 21 points.

The game is fun for all ages, and it can provide hours of entertainment. Unlike some other outdoor games, lawn darts are safe for young children. The darts themselves are weighed with a metal tip to provide more stability during flight. There are also various scoring options for the darts, so the game can be played by anyone, regardless of age. While traditional darts can be dangerous, the new lawn darts are not.


Looking for a new game to play at your next family BBQ? Try Spikeball! Spikeball is a wildly popular sport that combines volleyball and handball. Players smack a palm-sized ball onto a net and attempt to knock it back, scoring points for their team. Players have three tries to control the ball, and if they miss they forfeit a point.

If you have a yard that can hold a net, a corner wall is a great place to play this fast-paced sport. The corner wall will cause the ball to bounce twice - once forward and once back. A teammate can use the wall to establish the net and play the game. If you can get a partner to play, you can both hit the ball and score a point.

The equipment needed to play spikeball is similar to that of volleyball, but is designed differently. The spikeball ball is a lightweight plastic ball that is usually yellow in color and smaller than volleyball balls. The object of the game is to score points by making it as difficult as possible for the other team's return. The game is a great activity to play with your family and friends! Spikeball makes for a great game for a family BBQ or other event.