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Benefits of Microsoft SQL Server and Integration With Visual Studio For Microsoft SQL Server

May 26

If you're planning to start a business database or just need to store large amounts of data, you might want to learn more about Microsoft SQL Server. There are several reasons you should choose this server. Read on to learn more about cost, features, and integration with Visual Studio. Then, you can make a decision on which version best suits your business needs.

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Always On Availability Groups provide high availability for databases. These groups consist of several user databases that are synchronized on two availability replicas. They can fail over together to a secondary database in the event of a database failure. These databases are accessed using different connect string options. If you're planning to run production operations on the secondary database, you can choose only to access the read/write replica. But when disaster strikes, this is not recommended.

To address this problem, you must ensure that the database is available on multiple servers. Replication makes the database available round the clock. By using replication agents, source data is replicated to the secondary server. In this method, a server is named as the Publisher, while another is called the Subscriber. A monitor server keeps track of the shipping status and logs the shipping of the replicated data. High availability can also be achieved by using redundant PAM360 instances.


If you're considering buying a database server, you'll need to consider the cost. Microsoft SQL Server costs $2,000 per processor, but there are a number of alternatives that can be equally effective. CUBRID and Drizzle are two such alternatives. However, these two programs lack some core database features, such as parallel query, windowing functions, and access control. In addition, they lack the capabilities of a database server that Microsoft's SQL Server provides.

The cost of Microsoft SQL Server depends on the size and complexity of your database, and the number of users. Enterprise-level licenses can cost upwards of $14,000 per core, but there are scaled-down versions available at much lower costs. Microsoft SQL Server also requires a lot of resources, which means you may need to upgrade your hardware if you want to run it efficiently. In most cases, Microsoft SQL Server is suited to enterprise-level corporations.


The SQL Server database engine has a number of features that make it popular among business users. For example, this software allows a single user to access the database on any device, including a work computer and a home computer. The server also has advanced security features, including data encryption and monitoring, and a classification system. It has been ranked as one of the most secure platforms for 9 years. Other features include improved scalability, performance, and mobile BI. You can also use Azure services to extend your analytical capabilities.

The Always Encrypted feature helps protect data from unauthorized access. This feature enables SQL Server to perform encrypted data operations. The owner of the data does not have access to the encryption keys, which makes it easier to protect sensitive information. Some people may not be able to access confidential data in databases, but the owner can still access the information. Using this feature is popular for managing credit card information. Once set up, it allows a user to view and update data on the database.

Integration with Visual Studio

The SQL Server Data Tools are a great way to turn traditional database development into a devOps process. They help developers place the database schema into source control, simplifying the process and supporting DevOps concepts. This article discusses the benefits of integration with Visual Studio for Microsoft SQL Server. It also introduces the SQL Server Data Tools. Let's explore how these tools can help developers get started on their DevOps journey.

Once you've selected the appropriate database, you'll need to set up authentication with SQL Server. Open up the Connections pane in Server Explorer and click Add. Next, select Microsoft SQL Server. You'll also want to save your password. After you've done this, you'll see your new project in the Solution Explorer. If you're using ReadyRoll Core Edition, you can see the pane and choose it if needed.

Cloud service

If you need to run mission-critical SQL Server workloads, you should consider using Microsoft Azure, one of the leading cloud destinations. Azure SQL Data Warehouse uses a massively parallel processing architecture. Azure SQL Data Warehouse provides the same functionality as on-premises SQL Server as a platform-as-a-service offering. The two solutions have many advantages and drawbacks, and it is important to know what to look for and avoid.


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