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Choosing a Snorkel Mask

May 27

Picking out the best snorkel mask for you and your skill level is hugely important.

Not only does a snorkel mask serve an all-important purpose (keeping water out of your eyes), but it’s ultimately the most basic piece of snorkel gear that everything else builds upon. You can add a really great dry snorkel, rockin’ fins or be ready to capture a ton of awesome memories with a powerful action camera for snorkeling, but if you’re constantly battling a leaky or foggy mask and having a hard time seeing, it’s all for not.

I’ve learned a lot through trial and error in the water over the years (the error parts aren’t as fun in the middle of the ocean, but, hey, that’s how you learn sometimes), and I have ultimately gained an excellent understanding of what makes a snorkel mask good for different types of snorkelers. See the full range of Snorkel Masks at


As a beginning snorkeler, your number one consideration is probably going to be price. Maybe you’re just trying out snorkeling for the first time, or maybe you aren’t able to snorkel but maybe once a year. Wanting to save money in those scenarios is definitely understandable, and we still want to find a quality mask so you don’t have to deal with the mask leaking, pieces breaking, etc.

The best snorkel masks for beginners are going to be relatively no-frills (this saves on the price), but should also be made well by a quality snorkel manufacturer that knows what they’re doing to produce a comfortable mask that travels well.

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Once you start to snorkel more regularly (even just 2-3 times a year) or are doing more advanced types of snorkeling like diving underwater or open-water snorkeling, upgrading your snorkel mask is really going to be worthwhile. Ultimately, a better mask with more advanced components stands up to more demanding conditions much better while keeping you safer and having more fun.

In the best snorkel masks for intermediate snorkelers, you should start to expect higher-end construction and features, bigger fields of view, and other niceties. Prices do start to increase once you’re beyond beginner snorkel masks, but what you get in return is typically well worthwhile and very helpful for intermediate-level snorkeling.

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If you’re snorkeling regularly or just want everything that can make your time on the water the best it can possibly be, finding the best snorkel mask for advanced snorkelers will serve you well.

And, we don’t want to have to make much in the way of sacrifices here. The best snorkel masks — those with double skirts, multi-layered frames, highly-tuned purge valves, ultra-stable buckles and straps, specialized lens glass, etc. — are what we’re looking for.

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