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What to Look For in a Photo Booth Rental Company?

Aug 19

Renting a photo booth for events is a terrific way of adding another dimension to your event. Photo booths are unique because they can both trigger and capture important memories if appropriately used. And since they come with different props and styles, they can add to the fun of the occasion.

Of course, you'll need to hire a good photo booth service from a professional rental company. Here are six things to look out for when choosing between many different choices:

Good Reviews

Renting a photo booth is a great way to add a different dimension to your event. A photo booth is perfect for everyone because it will capture and trigger memories if you use it correctly. Many companies are now offering photo booths for your event. These include props and the booth style, so you can get the exact one you want. Most companies offer their services online which is the quickest way to find out more about them. A company will have a good website and some reviews if it knows what it is doing. Reviews are an excellent way to access the services of a company. If others have had a good experience with the company, chances are that you'll too.

On the other hand, bad reviews or not many reviews are usually red flags. There are exceptions though: a newer company may not have as many reviews as an older one that's been around for a while. That doesn't mean they'll be poor though- all it means is there haven't been enough customers to review the business. And while their rate of customer service might 

Cost vs Budget

One Photo booth rental thing to do before hiring anyone for your event is to take a look at the cost of doing so. Ask how much their prices are, compare the fees you are quoted and ask for a discount if needed. ...Or you could check out other companies who might be able to offer more cost-effective rates.

There is no specific price for a photo booth. You should always draw up a budget with a price that you are comfortable with. However, many companies offer extra features for an additional fee. Having a limited budget could mean that you can't access some of the best features of your booth.

Customer Service

A good photo booth rental company should be responsive and address issues promptly, along with the personnel being polite, patient, and attentive. Customer service is crucial to ensuring satisfaction.

A company could have the best equipment, but what happens when an issue with one of those equipment crops up? If a company has the best equipment, but then one of those pieces breaks down, how successful will it remain?

Poor customer service is an important factor to consider when deciding on a company. If they don't pay attention to who they choose as their representative, this doesn't paint a good picture of the company overall.

Quality Equipment

Photo booths come in many different styles and designs. You can choose between enclosed photo booths or open space ones, depending on your needs. Some rental companies offer 180-degree or even 360-degree photo booths.

A company's abilities can be primarily evaluated by their equipment. They should have the gear to provide you with top-quality service that satisfies the occasion in question. Make sure they have a wide enough arsenal of props, backdrops, and other necessary lighting tools to make your events a success. Their instant printing options are also something you'll want to consider too.

Carefully look at everything before signing anything or you may regret it later. You want to ensure a good set-up, appropriate props, and quality printers for your event.

Additional Features

Rental companies often offer a variety of photo booth options & photo booth add-ons. These range from GIFs to green screens and Social Media to Email sharing. No matter what theme you want, we've got it all!

Of course, you would want to know if the company offers these additional features. Some do it for free, while others will charge you extra for them. Make reasonable inquiries and see if you can get good features for an excellent bargain.

Customization and Branding

You may have a company that wants to host an event for publicity, maybe you have a product launch or an annual event. Phone booths can be used to let people know what's happening and allow you to use social media platforms in an organic manner.

Photo booth companies can help you create customized moments that will last and capture memories. Photo booths range from those with green screens or GIFs, to AR photo booths or 360º photos.

You enter a photo booth and get your picture taken. The background is then displayed, letting people know that you are at this location to promote your company or brand. If the photo booth doesn't have these capabilities, it lets you know in order to make sure they can accommodate that Photo booth rental in los angeles.


As a party or wedding planner, are you considering the use of photo booths? Make sure you do your research! Ask around, compare different companies and find one that offers quality Magic photo booth rental services at a competitive price. An important aspect to consider is the wide range of extra features they provide such as props, backdrops, etc.