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What is biohacking and how does it work?

Aug 20

Biohacking is a way to increase the efficiency of the human body, improve the quality of life, prolong youth and mitigate the aging process. Agree, the idea is not new - eternal youth, the search for ways to become superhuman have always attracted people. In fact, the first biohackers in the 1980s sought a radical upgrade of the body through genetic engineering, implantation of chips, etc., and biohacking evoked associations with either alchemy or eugenics. Fortunately, biohacking is no more. Today's biohackers meticulously monitor biomarkers, sleep phases, meditate regularly, and visit a psychologist. The focus has shifted to optimizing the body as it is. Biohacking has become quite body-positive; it implies a comprehensive view of the body and the fulfillment of its individual needs.

Biohacking isn't for everyone?

Let's be honest, biohacking can't be cheap at all. As a rule, biohackers undergo regular body checks, monitor the main biomarkers, pay attention, develop an individual diet under the control of a nutritionist, regular physical activity with coaching support. However, an important nuance is that this approach to your own body can often detect diseases in their early stages or even prevent them. And as we know, it is always more expensive to treat than to prevent.