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Clawson Jewelers Clawson, Michigan, US | A Jewelry Store For All Your Memories

Sep 12

At Clawson Jewelers, we believe in stories and journeys. We believe every special day of your life should be marked by a priceless memento. It is priceless, not because of the cost, but because it tells the story of love and a future to last forever.

This is why we are passionate about creating jewelry pieces that serve as beautiful reminders of each of these priceless moments. Each of our pieces is created with unmatched skill and attention to detail. We create pieces meant for you because we take our time to get to know you and your needs. Our jewelry pieces perfectly reflect your lifestyle and are a keepsake from your memories.


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A Fashion Jewelry Store For Everyone

Irrespective of age, sex, or event, we have the perfect fashion jewelry piece for you. We will provide you with all the jewelry pieces for you and your special someone, from beautiful engagement rings, to gorgeous wedding bands.

Do you want to get a special gift for that special someone? We have great watches and diamond pieces that will pass your genuine intentions and feelings to that special someone, not because of the cost but because of all the love we pour into our creations.

We Are At Your Service

For the better part of 30 years, we have been providing our customers with custom jewelry pieces and jewelry and watch repair services. We serve communities such as Troy, Birmingham, Royal Oak, Rochester Hills, Madison Heights, and other cities in the Oakland Country. We have provided all our clients with exquisite service, and they never forget because they are always wearing the piece of magic we created for them.

We are a family-owned and staffed business, which means that we know how important beautiful moments are and why they should be celebrated. This is why we have dedicated the past three decades to providing our customers with the best pieces to celebrate the most beautiful life moments. With us, you will find the perfect piece for every milestone.

Is This Your First Time?

For most men, shopping for jewelry is not taken seriously until they find that special someone. Once they step into a jewelry store, they look lost.

If you are a man or a lady, who is scared about your first time at the jeweler's, you don't have to worry. At Clawson Jewelers, we are always there to provide you with the expert guidance you need to get the perfect diamond pieces and men's wedding bands for your special day.


Engagement Rings at Clawson Jewelers

Our Romance Line Of Exquisite Engagement Rings

As part of our bridal section, we have the Romance line of diamond rings. They are exquisite, with stunning designs and superb quality. Romance rings remain the best engagement rings for the best brides. They are conflict-free and come with our diamond promise. 

Custom Designed Engagement Rings

For more than 15 years, we have been providing our clients with over custom-crafted jewelry services. With over 20,000 custom designs under our belt, we ensure that each client gets exactly what they want.

Your love is unique, your memories are yours, and with our help, your jewelry pieces can be unique too. We want the best for you, so we take the time to craft your diamond pieces. And because we want these special placeholders for your memories to last a long time, each of our rings comes with our diamond promise.

With our diamond promise, you will be getting replacements for your diamond pieces for free for life. This way, your jewelry lasts forever.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Have you ever looked at a diamond you wanted so badly and wished it was not so pricey? Our exquisite lab-grown diamonds are the answers to your needs. Not only do they look exactly like mined diamonds, but they are sustainable, economic, and conflict-free.


Watches Make The Perfect Gifts

Our extensive collection of timepieces makes for the perfect gifts for every occasion. We carry different luxury brands, including Rado timepieces. We are one of the few stores to carry the Rado watch and the Hamilton timepiece, which you have probably heard mentioned in movies. Who doesn't want a timepiece from the movies?

Gift your family and loved ones one of our timepieces; they will remember you anytime they want to tell the time.

Expert Jewelry and Watch Repair Services

Our jewel pieces and watches are made with the best care and with the best tools. However, the truth is that even the greatest creations can still break. Not to worry, though, because, at Clawson Jewelers, we offer the best in jewelry and watch repairs.

Watch Repair

We all know how easy it is for our watches to fall or the band to break. Do you have to give up on your timepiece for this reason? Well, we say you don't have to.

We will provide excellent watch repairs, from replacing your old batteries to completely giving your watch a new look.

Jewelry Repairs

We have in-house craftsmen who are extremely skilled in jewel repair. They handle every little detail, from re-sizing that ring that is a tad bigger after you lose some weight to soldering broken chains.

Not only do we help repair your broken jewel pieces, but we are also willing to help you maintain them in the best possible shapes. We will inspect and clean your pieces so that they always look like they were straight from the counter each time you wear them.

At Clawson Jewelers, we will restore your jewel pieces irrespective of the damage done to them. You will leave our stores with jewelry that looks like they were just bought. And the best thing? Our rates are very competitive. Walk into our stores to get a free repair estimate.

But We are More Than Just A Jewelry Store

Our services go beyond producing custom engagement rings or changing your worn-out batteries. We have a desire to be and remain your one-stop shop for all your jewelry needs. We want to begin and finish this journey with you. That is why we offer services that go beyond jewelry sales and repairs.

Our Diamond Promise

We offer our diamond promise to everyone who gets an engagement ring or diamond-encrusted rings from us. This lifetime guarantee on our products ensures you keep your jewelry for the longest time.

Become A VIP Member

Did you purchase rings from someone else? Did you get a ring from us that does not have a warranty but now you are worried about what might happen?

What if we told you that you could still enjoy these privileges? Our VIP membership gives you access to our warranties on one special jewelry piece for life. We also offer a 50% discount on all jewelry repairs except watches and eyeglasses. All for a one-time fee of $99 for the rest of your life.

Get Your Jewelry Appraised

Jewelry pieces tend to be expensive, and when we consider the memories they hold, their values can quickly become priceless. This is why we advise that you have your pieces insured and, just as importantly, that you get a record of the details of each piece and how much they are worth.

It could be for insurance or for you to know the exact worth of your pieces. At Clawson jewelers, our team of appraisals will appraise every piece you have, including diamonds, gems, antiques, or even the new pieces you get from us. And as a bonus, we will even clean your jewelry.

Excellent Jewelry And Superb Customer Service

Not only do we provide you with excellent jewelry pieces and repairs, but we also offer excellent customer service.

Ours is a business of love, and love is serious business, which is why we take you seriously from the moment you walk through our stores. We provide you with excellent service and are only satisfied after we ensure that you are satisfied.

Our clients marvel at our dedication and prompt delivery of service. They get more than they expect because not only do we provide them with quality jewel pieces, but we do it with incomparable customer service and a pricing model that is one of the most competitive in the jewel market. Our list of testimonials will convince you of our dedication to conserving your memories with timeless jewelry pieces.

Shop With Us Today

So whether you are looking for an engagement ring, men's wedding bands, or the perfect gift for someone you want to show how much you love, you will always find what you need at Clawson Jewelers.

We are a team of family and friends who have grown to become experts in jewels. We promise you a unique experience from the moment you walk into our store. We treat you like one of us, guiding you towards getting the perfect jewelry for the perfect event. With us, you will be telling the story behind your jewels for the longest time because they become a piece of memory that will last for many years to come. So contact us today to find out how we can help you celebrate life's sweet moments.


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