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Combo Bouncer Rentals Are Fantastic Alternative To The Traditional Bounce House

Feb 25

New Orleans Combo Bouncer Rentals fun inflatables feature a popular bounce area plus accessories like a slide climbing wall or basketball hoops!

About to Bounce offers an extensive selection of combo inflatable rentals in Volusia County and Seminole County. Local delivery is free to Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, and Port Orange

Water Slide Rentals

Renting water slides is an excellent option for your party to be fun. You can rent them as standalone units, or in combination with other inflatables such as dry slides and bounce houses.

Entry level slides work well for children aged 4-7. However, higher-end slides are more loved by children of 7 and over. They are typically rented with a single sliding lane, however double sliding lanes are also available to increase the fun!

When you are choosing a water slide rental company, be sure they prioritize safety. They must be insured, and they may provide tips on how to ensure the slide is safe for use.

Bounce House Rentals

Bounce house rentals are an excellent option to keep your kids entertained and make your event memorable. They can be used as an individual attraction, or be added to other inflatables to create the appearance of a larger bounce house rental.

Another option is to rent a combo inflatable jumper with a slide. These inflatables are a great alternative to traditional bounce houses.

They combine the excitement of jumping while playing in an inflatable bounce house with additional features such as slides and obstacles as well as basketball sports games.

These inflatables are ideal for family reunions as well as corporate events, birthday parties and corporate events. They keep children safe by seperating them from other children.

We have a wide selection of combo bouncers in different sizes. All combo bouncers are thoroughly examined prior to shipping. You can also add additional exciting options to your rental such as an inflatable slide or Dunk tank.

Rentals of a Dunk Tank

A Dunk Tank is a time tried and true favorite for school carnivals, fundraising events and corporate picnics. It's ideal for getting people excited and engage in your event. Your boss, school principal or a local "celebrity" entertain the crowd and everyone will be cheering for them to reach their goal.

There are a variety of Dunk tanks available including the traditional model that has a cage surrounding the person and a window where you can see them being dunked. There's also a new style called the Pitch Burst Dunk Tank where the water flows but doesn't actually soak the person in it. These units are ideal for safety and have a lower risk of people falling into the water. There are also larger dunk tanks which can accommodate more people. You can reserve them now to ensure you do not miss out on this thrilling experience! Contact us for more details and to learn about other exciting rentals!

Carnival Games

Carnival games are the perfect way to keep guests entertained and participating in your event. They are great fun for all ages and can be used in many situations. They can be used for backyard parties and school functions, church functions, fundraising events and other events.

The basket toss is a traditional that is often seen at street fairs and other outdoor events. It's a fun game that challenges players to land a ball in the basket without breaking it.

The massive 4-in-a row interactive game is also a fun carnival game that will keep children and adults together at your event! This inflatable is a great addition to any birthday party or special event. It has four fun, games that keep kids and adults mingling and having fun for hours! The inflatable is available for rental alongside other Carnival Game Rentals, or by itself as a fun addition for your next party.

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