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Anti Aging Clinic | What Are The Signs & Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalances?

May 24

hormonal imbalances in men and women miami


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What Is Hormonal Imbalance For Men or Women?

Are you a female or male wondering if you have a hormone imbalance? If yes, then fear not, we will go over everything you need to know about hormone imbalances for both men and women. Let first go over the general understanding of hormones. Hormones are chemicals that are created by glands in the endocrine system of the body. These hormones travel through the blood and send messages to our organs about how to operate. Hormones regulate things like metabolism, heart rate, sleep cycles, and sex drive.

When hormone levels in the blood are too high or too low, this can result in imbalanced hormones that cause certain symptoms. Female and male hormone imbalance can include improper levels of insulin, growth hormones, steroids, and adrenaline. Hormonal imbalances in women can often affect their hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone. Male hormone imbalance usually involves an imbalance of the testosterone hormone.

miami signs of hormonal imbalances

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Male Or Women Hormone Imbalance?

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men and women involve a lot of similar symptoms. However, there are a few hormonal imbalances that are specific to men and women. When there is a hormonal imbalance, the particular symptoms suffered depend on the glands and hormones that are affected. Hormones imbalance symptoms include fatigue, decreased muscle mass, hair loss, weight gain, and more.

Signs of hormonal imbalance in males may include symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, a lowered sperm count, lower levels of body hair, and other symptoms common with low testosterone. Unlike the symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men, the symptoms of hormonal imbalance in women usually involve a heavy menstrual cycle, vaginal dryness, and hot flashes.


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signs of hormonal imbalances miami

What Causes Hormone Imbalance In Males & Females?

Hormone levels fluctuate at different times in the lives of men and women. However, malfunctioning endocrine glands can also cause hormonal imbalances and several unpleasant symptoms. Some of the endocrine glands in men and women that control the organs include the adrenal glands, the pituitary gland, and the pineal gland. The gonads (testes in men and ovaries in women) are also endocrine glands. Certain medical conditions can affect the endocrine glands and cause hormonal imbalances and the resulting symptoms.

Lifestyle habits or environmental factors can also cause hormonal imbalances. Female and male hormone imbalance can be caused by chronic stress, diabetes, thyroid issues, hormone replacement, exposure to toxins, and more.

Best Treatment And Therapies For Hormonal Imbalance In Men & Women? 

Hormonal imbalances may come with unpleasant symptoms such as weight gain or hair loss. Still, there are several treatment options to correct hormone levels and relieve these symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy is one of the most common forms of treatment for hormone imbalances. Hormone replacement therapy involves prescribing synthetic hormones or bioidentical hormones, which are naturally derived hormones such as the male hormone testosterone or any of the female hormones.

Pellet therapy is another option of female and male hormone imbalance treatment options. This treatment involves injecting a hormone pellet under your skin in your abdomen. The pellet will then gradually deliver hormones over the next few months to bring your levels back to normal and relieve your symptoms. Pellet therapy will last 3-5 months in women and 5-6 months in men. For both men and women, it will usually result in better sleep, more strength and energy, and better memory.

Other treatment options for women include pills, patches, and topical or vaginal medications. For male hormonal imbalance, treatments that improve testosterone levels include skin or mouth patches, gels, or injections.


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