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Variable Speed Tote Mixers Make Mixing Liquids Fast

May 31

Mixing Tote Liquids Fast

IBC mixers are suitable for mixing liquid food products, such as dressings, sauces, syrups and more. They are sanitary, safe and can be powered by clean compressed air or nitrogen gas. The air bubbles that are used to mix the product create a large surface, which speeds up the mixing action. They can also be used to mix higher viscosity fluids or liquids that have settled in a container over time and during transportation.

These sanitary tote mixers have an integrated drive that can be attached and detached without the use of brackets or tools. This allows for the Low and High Speed Tote Mixing to be reconfigured for different uses. This helps eliminate product cross-contamination and costs while reducing inventory.

Tote mixers can either be mounted directly on top a standard IBC tank (or on a wheeled trolley). The mixer can be wheeled around to agitate or reposition the tote. The mixer can also be connected to the drain plug of the tote in order to remove the liquid for cleaning and refilling. It can also be connected to a heater blanket for totes to speed up the temperature of liquids.

A simple touch on an analog dial combined with a slight pressing of the cup will quickly and effectively vortex any test tube. The adjustable speed ranges between 100 and 2500 rpm so that it can accommodate most tubes. The GVM-AS comes with a heavy-duty foot that secures the unit in place. It also has suction cups to keep it steady despite its compact size.

The 5.75" collapsible tote mixer fits into the standard 6" screw cap opening of Schutz style totes that are common for chemical storage and transport. This tote can be used in conjunction with poly IBC containers or plastic lined IBCs.

This IBC-tote mixer is the economical choice for mixing liquids of lower viscosity such as chemicals or dyes. It is also suitable for other coatings. It features a 1 hp totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) electric motor with an adjustable speed control to regulate the speed of the mixing blades. The gear-driven motor increases the torque required to agitate thicker substances. All wetted elements are made from 316 Stainless Steel for durability and resistance to chemicals. The motor housing is UL listed explosion proof.

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