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Sep 14

Bounce House Rentals is a unique business that can be operated from home and provides a great return on investment. The business targets families with kids who want to have a fun and memorable event. It also serves couples who are getting married and looking for a unique reception.

The industry took a hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, but is showing signs of recovery.

Water Slide Rentals

Inflatable water slides are a great addition to any bounce house rental. They offer hours of fun for kids and can be rented for special occasions such as birthday parties, outdoor events, or backyard BBQs. Inflatable water slides come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any occasion.

The party supply rental industry is worth about $6 billion a year and is a growing sector. Although it took a hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is now recovering quickly. Bounce Rentals New Orleans are a popular choice for parties and can be found at schools, local fairs, and fundraisers.

A bounce house business is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs who thrive on interpersonal interaction and enjoy working outdoors. This type of business is also relatively inexpensive to start and requires less equipment than other rental businesses. Bounce houses are usually rented out for a full day, so it is important to have an effective system for delivering, setting up, cleaning and packing them up each day.

Party Rentals

Bounce houses are the centerpiece of any kids party. They are also the most profitable part of the party rental industry, which is worth more than $5 billion a year. Although the industry took a hit during COVID-19, it is well on its way to rebounding with double-digit growth for years to come.

A good inventory management system is an important tool for a bounce house rental business. It allows you to keep track of your stock, manage orders, and communicate with customers in a more organized manner. It also helps you plan your marketing and promotional strategies more effectively.

If you want to be your own boss and make a difference in people's lives, consider opening a bounce house business. You don't need a huge investment to start. You can even obtain financing and get the supplies you need to begin right away. Make sure you obtain insurance to protect yourself against liability. You should also pay for a lawyer to review your contracts.


Whether it is a themed bounce house for a child’s birthday party or an inflatable water slide for a community event, these fun rentals will surely add to the excitement. You can also rent other related party supplies such as tables and chairs, tents, concessions machines, and even a clown or magician to make the event more fun.

The bounce house rental industry is a great business to start because it offers a reliable source of income that is not dependent on the weather or other unpredictable factors. In addition, the business is relatively easy to start and does not require a lot of upfront capital.

As with any business, there are some challenges involved in starting an inflatable bounce house business. For one, you must have adequate storage space for the bounce houses and their accompanying equipment, such as air blowers, generators, cleaning materials, and a hand truck. Also, you need to decide on a cancellation policy to avoid losing potential customers.


Inflatable bounce houses are a staple at children’s parties and play days, but they also make for a great source of entertainment at public events. If you’re looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity that’s both fun and profitable, consider starting a party rental business. The market for bounce house rentals is largely composed of kids and their parents, but you can also cater to local schools, churches, fairs, and festivals.

In addition to traditional bounce houses, there are many other inflatables that can enhance your event’s entertainment options. For example, a sliding bounce house can be perfect for older kids and even adults who want to feel like kids again. Froggy Hops offers a wide selection of combination bounce houses that include fun obstacles, such as climbing walls, tunnels, and basketball hoops.

Themed bounce houses are another popular option that can help to complete a themed birthday party. They come in a variety of colors and themes to match any party theme.

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