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What to Expect on a Private Jet Charter

Feb 7

Nashville TN Private Jet Charter is a convenient and comfortable way to travel for both business and pleasure. It offers more flexibility than fractional or whole-jet ownership, and allows you to fly on an ad-hoc basis without long-term commitments. However, with the wide variety of options for aircraft access and charter flight prices, it can be difficult to understand what to expect when flying private.

While the price tag on a jet charter can seem daunting, there are ways to make it more affordable. The first step is to find an experienced broker who can help you negotiate the best possible pricing. Having a professional on your side can save you thousands of dollars in costs.

The next step is to determine the type of aircraft that will best suit your needs and travel routes. There are four core types of aircraft available for charter: MidAmerica Jet. Each has its own advantages and costs. For example,MidAmerica Jet offer a more spacious cabin than midsize jets but have the same range as large jets.

A final factor is the cost of fuel. This can vary based on the location of the trip, which will impact how far you need to travel. It is recommended to consult with your broker about fuel costs, as this will be a major factor in your total flight cost.

Additional fees that will be added to your charter quote include landing fees, which are based on the size and weight of the aircraft at each airport. Aircraft handling fees, or FBO charges, cover the cost of managing an aircraft on the ground, including arranging ground transport to and from the plane, catering, overnight crew hotel stays (if necessary), and more. Overnight/parking fees will also be included in your quote, which cover the cost of the aircraft staying parked during your round-trip flight, which is required for safety reasons to prevent the crew from being exhausted on the return leg.

In addition to these fees, all international flights are subject to foreign permit and overflight fees, which can be significant. Finally, Federal Excise Tax, or FET, is a mandatory tax that is included in your charter quote.

MidAmerica Jet offers a comprehensive flight cost estimator for your convenience, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about specific costs for private jet flights. In addition, we offer memberships that can save you thousands on future trips, including the Volato Stretch Card and the MidAmerica Jet Insider Program. To get started, request a private jet charter cost estimate today. We look forward to helping you travel smarter!