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Mixing Is A Vital Process For A Variety Of Applications

Feb 22

 It can improve the quality of the product or the efficiency of the process. However, if the mixing process is not conducted correctly, contaminants may be introduced. These contaminants can be chemical, biological, or physical in nature. Contamination free mixing is a technique that eliminates these contaminants and prevents them from affecting the final product.

A chemical Contamination free mixing example would be if a new batch of a product was stored in a container that previously held another substance with a different chemical composition. The residual chemicals can then add impurities to the new product. This can affect the final product's color, consistency, or texture. It can also make the product unsafe to use or consume.

Biological cross-contamination is a serious concern in the food industry. This can occur when a person uses the same equipment, surfaces, or utensils for contaminated and uncontaminated foods without sanitizing them in between. This can spread disease-causing bacteria, fungi, or viruses from one item to the other. Some foods are more likely to carry these organisms than others, and this type of cross-contamination can cause a person to have an allergic reaction or other negative health consequences.

The same type of contamination can occur in water borne contaminants as well. This is often the case when a pollutant is discharged into an environment with other pollutants that can contaminate the same area. Ecologists try to determine what is a reasonable amount of contaminant that can be released into a water body while keeping the pollution concentrations below safe levels.

This is achieved through environmental testing, which can help to predict what the level of contaminant will be in the water. The test results can then be used to develop a reasonable mixing zone. These zones can then be used to guide water treatment plants in the design of their plantation and discharge systems.

A contamination free mixing system can save time, money, and resources in a wide range of industries, from beverage, paint, and chemicals to agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, lawn & tree care, personal care, and cannabis. A single-vessel tote mixer from EvenMix is the best option for eliminating product transfer, container cleanup, sanitation and validation operations, and production downtime caused by manual batch filling, blending, or multi-vessel tote transfers. This new tote mixer has a unique feature that allows you to easily reconfigure the unit by mixing and matching the drive segment with different agitator segments. This eliminates product contamination while saving you the expense of having to buy multiple tote mixer drives for each application. This tote mixer is also designed to fit most IBC containers, which makes it an economical choice for many customers.

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