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Home Loans For Military And First Responders

Jun 21

The home buying process isn’t easy for anyone, but for military members, teachers, first responders and others, the stress can be even greater. There are a number of mortgage programs available for these professionals that help with the costs and sometimes have lower requirements than traditional loans. But not every program is created equal, and it’s important to find one that’s a good fit for your needs. Heroes Home Advantage takes a closer look at several options. For more visit

Home Loans for Military

The Heroes Home Advantage home loan is the best option for active duty military personnel, reservists and veterans. It offers no down payment, low closing fees and flexible financing terms. To qualify for the loan, borrowers must have a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA and meet the lender’s credit and service requirement requirements.

Those who serve in law enforcement, fire departments and emergency services are also eligible for the Heroes Home Advantage program, which offers first-responders bonus incentives including credits, rebates or discounts during a house transaction such as purchasing, selling or refinancing a home or property. The program includes military, police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, ambulance drivers and dispatchers who work full-time in the United States.

There are a number of benefits to this program, but the main one is a cash back rebate provided at closing. This is a significant benefit for first responders as it helps them with the upfront costs of purchasing or selling their home. The rebate is provided by a network of real estate and mortgage professionals that are affiliated with the program.

Other benefits of the program include discounts on engineer and chimney inspections and a discount on attorney fees, which can add up to a substantial savings for first responders. Additionally, buyers who use a home inspector or mortgage broker that is a Homes for Heroes affiliate can save up to $500 on lending fees and $300 on title fees.

This program isn’t available in all states, but it’s worth looking into if you live in an area that does offer it. One drawback is that you can’t pick and choose which mortgage professionals to work with, so you’re limited to those who are affiliated with the program. But the pros outweigh the cons for most, and it’s a great way to get assistance with one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make.