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Ascendant Financial - Money Multiplier Calculator

Jul 4

Ascendant Financial Services expanded its wealth management capabilities and presence in Arizona by acquiring Ascendant Financial Solutions. The firm specializes in empty nester financial planning.

The company teaches and coaches Individuals, Households and Established Business Owners on the process of Becoming Your Own Banker and Infinite Banking Concept. They also provide Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer Services. For more information click

The Money Multiplier Method

The Money Multiplier Method is a wealth building process that utilizes whole life insurance to build a tax-advantaged portfolio. It allows you to become your own banker, and break the bonds of financial slavery you may not even realize you are in.

The concept behind the Money Multiplier is simple. In the simplest of terms, when you invest your money into assets that earn interest, it grows over time. But it's important to understand the nuances of this process.

Unlike traditional investment strategies that focus on returns, the Money Multiplier method takes a broader approach to wealth management by increasing your income. This is accomplished by using a unique investing strategy that combines the power of compounding with the advantages of fractional reserve banking.

A key component of this strategy is the Money Multiplier, which is a term used to describe the way in which an increase in the Monetary Base increases the Money Supply. The Monetary Base is comprised of currency in circulation and reserves held by banks. Banks then re-lend this money to their customers, which then enters the economy as new consumer spending and business investment. This multiplier effect is a central concept in modern fractional reserve banking and is often used by economists to analyze the impact of capital investments.

The Money Multiplier Formula

The Money Multiplier formula is a key concept for understanding how changes in the monetary base (which represents currency and bank reserves) can lead to increases in deposit creation. It also provides insights into how banks can affect the overall economy by increasing lending growth.

The formula is DM=m*DR, where DM stands for change in the money supply and DR stands for the monetary base. In this equation, the monetary base represents the total amount of currency in circulation and the total amounts of commercial banks’ deposits at the central bank. Increasing the Monetary Base by printing more currency can increase the Money Multiplier by making it easier for people to buy goods and services. The higher the Money Multiplier, the more money is available to be lent out.

Ideally, the Money Multiplier should be equal to one or less than the Reserve Ratio which is the percentage of bank customers’ checkable deposits that are required to be kept as cash reserves in order to prevent them from being loaned out. However, in practice, there are many factors that can influence the actual multiplier. For example, taxes and bad loans may require a certain amount of the deposited money to be taken away from the banks.

A well-managed money supply can balance inflation rates to promote economic stability and growth. It is therefore essential for policymakers to have a nuanced understanding of how this formula works in order to make informed decisions about the future of their economies.

The Money Multiplier Calculator

The Money Multiplier Calculator is a tool that allows you to determine the amount of money a bank can create by lending out its own deposits. The tool uses the deposit multiplier formula, which is a basic calculation based on the fractional reserve banking system. The calculator also takes into account the bank’s reserve requirement ratio to determine how much money it can create through lending out its own reserves.

The deposit multiplier is a key element of the fractional reserve banking system, which enables banks to increase the money supply by extending loans out of their own reserves. This allows for the creation of new money, which can then be circulated throughout the economy as consumers spend it and businesses invest it. The Money Multiplier Calculator allows you to quickly and accurately calculate the money multiplier based on the current level of reserve requirements set by the central bank.

To use the deposit multiplier calculator, simply enter the required reserve ratio into the box and click “Calculate”. The results will show you the maximum amount of new money that can be created for every dollar added to the monetary base. The monetary base is the total sum of all checkable or near-checkable bank deposits and currency in circulation.