Bengaluru Mission 2022 revealed! Plan to make Karnataka world class in two years. Verify the small print


The Bengaluru Mission 2022 aims to make the capital Karnataka a world-class city in every way. (representational image)

Bengaluru Mission 2022 revealed! In order to renew the city of Bengaluru over the next two years, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa unveiled the Bengaluru 2022 Mission on Thursday. After considering the problems / challenges that people face in everyday life, the mission has been formulated by four core areas for the development in the city of Bengaluru that allow faster commuting: Hasiru (green), Swach (clean) and the connection to the citizens. The CM was quoted in a PTI report stating that a blueprint was made taking into account the location of the city in the 22nd year of the 21st century. The Bengaluru Mission 2022 aims to make the capital Karnataka a world-class city in every way.

The objectives of the mission include enabling faster commutes, restoring the reputation of the garden city under Green Bengaluru, connecting with people with a unified digital platform, ensuring efficient and scientific waste management, and creating spaces where culture, Heritage and other specialties of the USA are presented city. Inspections are carried out every six months and it is ensured that all planned work is completed within the specified time frame. The budget will be allocated for all planned work, Yediyurappa said.

Given that around 84.5 lakh vehicles were allowed in the city, the plan was to make commuting easier and faster by encouraging the use of public transportation, speeding up the S-Bahn project and the Namma metro and good roads have been built and maintained, and intelligent traffic management. Some of the key initiatives to do this include 12 high density corridors totaling 190 kilometers in length to be recorded in mission mode, promoting shared mobility of electric vehicles, installing synchronous beacons, expanding bus priority lanes and accelerating subway completion.

With a population of more than 1.2 million people, the city of Bengaluru generated 5,800 tons of garbage every day. The new waste management system is designed to be technology-driven in order to ensure efficient collection and monitoring of the entire system. It also encourages community participation and encourages people to adopt zero waste house concepts. The Green Bengaluru initiative gives priority to creating clean waterways and lakes. According to the report, the initiative would develop up to 25 lakes and conserve biodiversity in the area.

The 2022 Bengaluru Mission would also convert land from some public sector entities such as Mysore Lamps and NGEF to gardens to improve the city's green space. In addition, two large tree parks would be created in Kadugodi, Thurahalli, Mathikere and JP Nagara, and mini-forests would be developed and made popular. In addition, the Citizens Connect plan will create a unified digital platform to provide citizen services, share information and address public complaints.

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