Carpet Cleaning Tips – Pet Stains


As a professional carpet cleaning expert have you encountered unpleasant odors and spots that result from unintentional pet activities. The smells from pets can be very persistent and difficult to remove without professional Carpet cleaning San Antonio TX. Most people aren’t aware of how to remove pet stain orders from pet carets. The pet’s owner contacted me to inquire how to get rid of pet stains from pet carts.

I typically ask them what kind of stain they want to remove and which products they prefer to use. After a short discussion with them, I generally recommend the first option, which is to get rid of it by vacuum or with my vacuum cleaner. Some were enticed by the smell that emanates from the vacuum cleaner. They wanted me to provide them with some tips for carpet cleaning. Well, I always give the customer an option on how to clean the carpet.

Tip to remove pet stains

A tip to remove pet stains is to make use of a white cloth to wipe them off. After you have blotted it out then immediately run warm water to wash the excess moisture from the spot. Then, use a clean cloth to wipe away any dirt. Repeat this process until the stain is no longer visible on the cloth.

A pet stain remover is a different option for removing pet stains. This is a chemical solution that, when applied to the affected area, accelerates the rate at which oxidization occurs. Oxidation is a process that reduces the stain down to its simplest components, which include amino acids and carbon dioxide. I often let my clients test this out in a quiet location, like under the carpet. If it is successful, you can use it on any surface.

Vinegar is my preferred choice for removing stubborn staining. It is among my most loved cleaning products. It works well with oil, grease, and other stainings that are greasy. It could take several applications before the spot disappears. You can also try apple cider vinegar if want to go the extra mile.

For stains that are difficult to remove, such as grease, mud, and tar I prefer detergent-based cleaners. To get rid of stubborn stains I use a cotton cloth that is dipped in detergent. Always ensure that you review the label on the product because certain detergents contain alcohol that will only work against those fibers that are slightly oily such as pine.


Steven Gregory