Carra and Nevilles End-of-Season MNF Awards


Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville announced their end-of-season awards on the campaign’s final Monday Night Football.

The Sky Sports experts each selected their Player of the Season, Young Player of the Season, Signature of the Season and Manager of the Season for the 2020/21 Premier League campaign.

They also named their teams of the season and while they included both Ruben Dias, Luke Shaw, Kevin De Bruyne, Bruno Fernandes, Phil Foden and Harry Kane, they differed in the remaining five. Read on to see their choices in full.

Carras Player of the Season: Ruben Dias

“I said on that show at the start of the season if that signing didn’t work it would be the end of City and Pep. You’d think this is a big statement, but he was a £ 65m defender. They were never replaced. ” Vincent Kompany and last season were a heavy blow to them, but he’s the best defender in the league – and the best player for me.

“He’s like Puyol. The number of blocks he made in the Champions League game the other day reminded me of John Terry. Also of his leadership skills for such a young player. Joining such a big team and looking like the leader.” . ” I think that’s very special. “

Ruben Dias was a revelation for Man City

Nevilles Player of the Season: Ruben Dias

“Dias surprised and dominated me as he did for someone so young. I’ve played with Jaap Stam, Gary Pallister, Steve Bruce, Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand … Dias is one of those who the rest of the team in Bring security.

“The effect of the great center-back isn’t just what they do in terms of their own performance, it also affects everyone else in those foursome and the people in front of them. Dias is extraordinary.

“At the beginning of the season, I didn’t think City Back Four could win the league in any way. For him to do what he did, he was the most important player of the season.”

Carra’s Young Player of the Season: Phil Foden

“He’s a player who is more of a midfielder, but on the far left is the position he played for Pep and it’s his actual performances where you think ‘wow’. we have a lot of great ones. ” Player, but he’s different – not just in terms of English, but also in the Premier League. “

Phil Foden from Manchester City looks on during the quarter-final second leg of the UEFA Champions League between Borussia Dortmund and Manchester City at Signal Iduna Park on April 14, 2021 in Dortmund.  (Photo by Alex Gottschalk / DeFodi Images via Getty Images)

Phil Foden produced an outstanding season

Neville’s Young Player of the Season: Phil Foden

“When was the last time we saw exceptional English talent like Phil Foden? Wayne Rooney? Foden is a one-off player, he’s so good. He’s amazing.

“Let’s not forget, he played in Manchester City to get on this team. You have to be incredibly special with this manager. Foden could be outrageous in the years to come if he can make it right on and off the pitch. ” “”

Carra signs the season: Tomas Soucek

West Ham United's Tomas Soucek celebrates his side's second goal

Tomas Soucek has scored nine Premier League goals this season

“I’m just thinking about the impact of West Ham. I have to say that he had a taste of the Premier League before, he was on loan last season. But he’s a typical David Moyes player and he’s made a huge impact. “

“The goals he scores in midfield and the combination with Declan Rice. We can talk about teams with great seasons, but the turnaround at West Ham has been tremendous.

“This is a team that struggled against relegation in the Champions League and I think he may be the most important player to me and how he is in both boxes, which is a big part of West Ham’s success.” “”

Neville’s season signature: Edinson Cavani

Cavani contract vid


Gary Neville says the news that Edinson Cavani agreed to extend his contract with Man Utd is “massive” and analyzes the impact the striker has had this season

“If Cavani hadn’t worked and it had become another Falcao, they would have been ridiculed – ‘United got it wrong again’. It was such a risk, they must have been a little worried. There was a risk and it did paid off well. “

Carra’s Manager of the Season: Pep Guardiola

“If you go back to the last game for Manchester City last season, the Champions League loss to Lyon, it was a really bad one. Everyone blamed Pep Guardiola for it. They came back for the following season without much break. “

“When Leicester beat them 5-2, as a Liverpool supporter, I expected Liverpool to win the league. The problems were there for City and I didn’t expect to see what they did this season.”

“I actually think this is one of Pep’s greatest accomplishments, given that Vincent Kompany’s back, David Silva, isn’t there and even Sergio Aguero hasn’t played that many games. The legends behind City’s success over the past decade are not there. Pep created something else. “



Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher vote for their Manager of the Year

Neville’s Manager of the Season: Pep Guardiola … or Thomas Tuchel!

“If Tuchel wins the Champions League, the FA Cup and Chelsea get in the top four, then it is him. If you told me three or four months ago that Chelsea win the FA Cup, the Champions League, and the top four I would have said “no chance.” To win a Champions League is a huge thing.

“Brendan Rodgers has done brilliantly and you need to balance the budget and players of these managers. Rodgers and Sean Dyche are exceptional management achievements – and West Ham’s David Moyes was exceptional too.

“But I would still go with Guardiola or Tuchel, because to win the Champions League and the league in the same season you have to do something.”


Carra’s team of the season

Carras XI: Martinez, Coufal, Steine, Dias, Shaw, Kante, De Bruyne, Fernandes, Foden, Sohn, Kane.

“It would have been easy for Ederson to get in, he conceded the most goals, but I think he had very little to do because City’s four defenders were so strong. But when I think of a team that almost went under . ” a comfortable top 10 team, Aston Villa, their goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez jumps to mind. He conceded 17 goals, the best save-to-shot ratio in the league and was simply a brilliant addition and one of the best goalkeepers in the league.

“In the back right I made my decision Vladimir Coufal, I love him. Playing week after week, he’s been brilliant and embodies the West Ham season. Then there is Luke Shaw As a left-back he was absolutely outstanding.

“I made my decision in midfield N’Golo Kantewho has been as good as any other player in the league since Thomas Tuchel – some of his Champions League performances were outrageous!

“And I made my decision upstairs Heung-min son. I know Mohamed Salah is the top scorer, but when it comes to goals and assists, Son has more. Aside from Son, who I went with Harry Kane, both numbers are brilliant considering they played on a defensive team for most of the season. “


Neville’s team of the season

Nevilles XI: Mendy, Walker, Dias, Maguire, Shaw, Gundogan, De Bruyne, Fernandes, Rashford, Foden, Kane.

“For me it is Eduoard Mendy in goal because I think Chelsea had massive problems with the goalkeeper they had and would not be where they are now. Since Thomas Tuchel came in, their fortunes have changed defensively and he has been a big part of it.

“”Kyle Walker has grown to be a standout player in a defensive position for Manchester City. He was much more disciplined in the way he played. I think he was an important part of what they did.

“I think John Stones had a fantastic season but he’s got ‘cuddled’ by Dias and Walker and that’s a big deal – the pace on one side and Dias on the other. I think Harry Maguire is the standout center-back in the league besides Dias and that has nothing to do with being Manchester United. I think he was reliable, he was consistent, he started to show authority and I think Manchester United have a very good player there. If City had him and Dias together, they’d be almost unstoppable.


“The reason I made up my mind Ilkay Gundogan I think he changed the season at Manchester City. During the time they weren’t playing well, those two or three months, I thought he was the captain. He was absolutely out of this world at that time and what they have done since then is because of him.

“Left I went for Marcus Rashford. When he was doing all that stuff off the field, which was amazing, I thought there must be some consequence on the field of him getting stuck and the injuries increasing or he being distracted. But he just kept going and performing and is still there. Sadio Mane has obviously been brilliant over the past three weeks, Son is a brilliant player, but I chose Rashford because of his overall contribution on and off the pitch. Maybe there is a little bit of emotion. “


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