Cody Bellinger Talks "Stoned" Face Mem: "I Don't Get Up Throughout Video games"


While the stakes were high in the World Series, this was not the case with Cody Bellinger.

The Dodgers superstar often makes headlines for his spectacular play and boyish looks, but during the LA World Series run he tended to do something else entirely: the guy looked more baked than baked at your local duckman after a dazzling catch at the Dodgers a pastry series against the padres.

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Bellinger's face would quickly become a favorite meme on baseball Twitter, and given his blank stare, some wondered if Bellinger was actually stoned during the games. Bellinger spoke on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday of his glassy face that was on fire during the MLB playoffs and made it clear that he wasn't smoking the ganja.

The full interview:

"I'm not up during the games, okay?" Bellinger said bluntly. "If you look at me in the Little League World Series at 12, I look faded. I also didn't smoke when I was 12. I'm not tall, that's my face."

What makes the clip even better is how Bellinger's camera seems to freeze in the perfect moment, giving the audience a glimpse of innocent, but hilarious, empty Bellinger gaze.

We're going to take Bellinger at his word here, but there's no denying that he's given the internet something to hold onto for years to come.

It's good to know that the only thing Bellinger smokes during a game is baseball. Unfortunately we will soon no longer be able to use "Belli Bombed".


Steven Gregory