Demi Lovato apologizes after a backlash for “bullying a small business!”


Demi Lovato entered into a rather unexpected feud with a small company called The Bigg Chill. The LA Fro-Yo store was called “#dietculturevultures” by the singer.

It wasn’t long, however, before she realized that she might have made a mistake.

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That being said, the star took her platform to apologize, arguing that she never intended to “bully a small business.”

This came after Demi made a whole rant about dragging The Bigg Chill.

In her apology video, Demi stated, “Okay, so I was in the middle of something with a yogurt shop in Century City.”

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Apparently it all started when Demi saw ‘sugar-free cookies / other diet foods’ on the counter of said shop and it angered her.

Demi explained that while she didn’t mind that they were selling these products, she had a problem with labeling as it triggered someone recovering from an eating disorder.

“Now I’m very open about things I believe in. I understand that when I get emotional, my messages can sometimes lose their meaning. I am human I’m someone who’s just very passionate about what I believe in and I’ve lived through enough just to know when to speak up. For people who have no voice. ‘

That statement followed quite a backlash she received for her original verbal abuse against the fro-yo shop.

Obviously, many weren’t happy that an influential celebrity is basically just “bullying” a small company so publicly!

Demi had a few issues with the store too and she explained that part in the clip as well.

All in all, she argued that they could have made the labels clearer as the yogurt store claimed they had products for diabetics, vegans, and more, while they also had desserts that were more indulgent.

For more information on what Demi had to say about her demeanor, check out the post above!


Steven Gregory