Do I Need Special Car Insurance For Wedding Car Hire in Derby?


Are you planning your wedding in the UK and are wondering if you need special car insurance for wedding car hire in Derby? Special car insurance can be quite expensive, especially if you have hired cars with a lot of features. However, there are ways to reduce costs on wedding day. Consider these 3 tips to get special treatment while booking wedding cars.

Hire a vehicle with a low engine speed. It is no use to book wedding cars in a big name company with an engine as high as a stretched Mercedes when you want a car with low emissions. When it comes to special car insurance for wedding hire in Derby, the higher the engine speed, the more it will cost you. You can look up online information about each company that provides wedding transport services.

Check if there is extra cover for damage. This is especially important if you will be carrying some expensive items on board such as jewellery and florals. If you do not have coverage on these items, make sure you inform the company. This way you can hire wedding cars in Derby at a lower price.

Special car hire in the UK comes with different insurance options. Therefore, ask all the questions you have in mind before hiring any special wedding transport. Find out if the service offers insurance for car hire, rental cars and breakdown cover. Most special event companies do provide insurance for wedding cars in Derby but it is wise to check. It may save you some money if you do.

Also, if you plan to rent a car for more than one day, check if the rate is inclusive of use on the day you hire the car. Most special event transport companies provide special car insurance for wedding hire but you may want to check as well. There are some that do not include mileage within the rate. Therefore, make sure you know the total mileage that will be included in the rate.

Special wedding cars in the UK come in various sizes and types. The choice is wide and can go on from sports utility vehicles, economy cars to wedding limousines. There are even some companies that specialise in luxury wedding cars. For your special wedding day, you should always choose a special vehicle. There are some very luxurious cars in this category which can cost you some good amount of money.

You can also choose a wedding car, which has been used by many people previously. This means, the car will not only be fully insured but you can also get special car insurance for wedding hire. It is however recommended that you opt for a new car rather than an old one as the latter loses its value with every passing year. Even if you opt for a new car, you can still get special car insurance for wedding hire from the same insurance company.

Another factor to consider in special wedding hire is the number of people who will be taking the car on the day of the wedding. In this regard, there are two different categories of wedding cars. There is the group of five people who drive wedding cars and then there are the group who take along a full complement of friends and family members. The first type of group will have to pay slightly higher premiums than the second one. However, special wedding cars can help you create the dream wedding that you have always wanted without putting a hole in your pocket.

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