From Nikola to EVs, 5 Issues You Ought to Know About GM to Finish the Yr


Mary Barra, CEO and chairman of GM, speaks during an "EV Day" on March 4, 2020 at the company's technology and design campus in Warren, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit


General Motors exceeded Wall Street expectations for 22 consecutive quarters, including a solid spike in the third quarter, with earnings up more than 70% year over year.

While the automaker declined to release a fourth-quarter forecast, investors should be watching GM a lot in the fourth quarter – from a potential $ 2 billion deal with competitive electric vehicle start-up Nikola to an update on Investors for his electric vehicle strategy.

GM shares recently returned to the black. The stock is up 6% in 2020.

With regards to GM, there are five things to monitor for the remainder of 2020:


Steven Gregory