Google Maps now reveals you the place Covid-19 circumstances happen


The news: Google Maps added a new feature to show the number of Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people for a specific area. A label will indicate whether the falls are trending up or down. In a blog post, Google said the functionality will roll out globally for both Android and iOS this week. In the US, the information goes back to the state and county level, but in Europe only the national number is currently available so the feature will be of very limited use.

How it works: You open Google Maps, click on the upper right corner of your screen and then on "covid-19 info", explains Sujoy Banerjee, Product Manager at Google Maps, in the blog post. Color coding allows you to see at a glance how many new cases are being reported in each area.

Where does the data come from? According to Google, the data comes from "several authoritative sources," including Johns Hopkins, the World Health Organization, health authorities, hospitals, the New York Times and Wikipedia.

The intent: An essential part of dealing with this pandemic has been risk assessment. The idea is that this new feature should make it easier for people to decide where to go safely and to evaluate the safety of various activities, such as walking. B. sending children to school or going on vacation.


Steven Gregory