Heisman Trophy finalists: Up to date odds, prime candidates to win the 2020 award


Just getting through the 2020 season was a formidable feat for college football players addressing COVID-19 outbreaks in their programs and planning mayhem that chopped up weekly routines.

Several athletes stood out from the others because of their performances on the field. Four Heisman Trophy finalists were announced Thursday evening, and six other voters were also recognized and listed in order of graduation. The finalists are DeVonta Smith, Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence and Kyle Trask.

The Heisman winner will be announced in a virtual ceremony on January 5th. Votes have already been cast so the bowl's performance will not affect the decision.

Smith, the top ranking Alabama top recipient, is the favorite for the award after racking up 1,511 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns this year.

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Here is a look at the odds, finalists and historical winners of the Heisman Trophy:

Current Heisman Award odds 2020

Last week, DeVonta Smith and Trevor Lawrence increased their Heisman chances, while Kyle Trask waned after losing to Alabama. Mac Jones is about the same as before the SEC title game.

Below are the updated Heisman odds for 2020.

player opportunities
DeVonta Smith (WR, Alabama) -180
Mac Jones (QB, Alabama) +155
Trevor Lawrence (QB, Clemson) +1600
Kyle Trask (QB, Florida) +2700

Who are the Heisman finalists?

The Heisman finalists were announced on Thursday evening. Alabama-based attacking duo Mac Jones and DeVonta Smith made the cut, while Tide, who trailed Najee Harris, fell behind the finalist position in fifth place. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence and Florida quarterback Kyle Trask were also named finalists, joining Jones and Smith.

Alabama defeated Florida in the SEC championship game last weekend. Clemson toppled Notre Dame in the ACC championship game.

Alabama and Clemson will be part of the upcoming college football playoffs.

2020 Heisman voting rules

The order of voters outside of the four best Heisman finalists was announced on Thursday evening.

rank player
10 Kyle Pitts (TE, Florida)
9 Ian Book (QB, Notre Dame)
8th Zach Wilson (QB, BYU)
7th Justin Fields (QB, State of Ohio)
6th Breece Hall (RB, State of Iowa)
5 Najee Harris (RB, Alabama)

When will the Heisman Trophy be awarded?

The Heisman Trophy 2020 will be awarded on January 5th at 7 p.m. ET. The award is chosen by college football media members across the country. It is the most prestigious individual award in college football and probably the most coveted in all amateur sports.

Historic Heisman Trophy winner

The Heisman Trophy has been spread across the country for the past decade, with members from five different conferences claiming the honor. The center of college football media at times seems to be the SEC, but three of the last four press-voted winners come from outside that conference.

That year fans were able to see the first broadband receiver selected since 1991.

Here are the last 10 winners of the Heisman Trophy:

year player Overall agree Profit margin
2019 Joe Burrow, QB, LSU 2.608 1,846
2018 Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma 2.167 296
2017 Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma 2,398 1,098
2016 Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville 2.144 620
2015 Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama 1,832 293
2014 Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon 2.534 1.284
2013 Jameis Winston, QB, State of Florida 2.205 1.501
2012 Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A & M. 2.029 323
2011 Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor 1,687 280
2010 Cam Newton, QB, Auburn 2.263 1.184

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