Humidor Tips: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right One

An investment in cigars goes beyond money; it is also an investment of time. Besides the financial investment, there’s also the emotional one. The cabinet you choose for your humidor matters a lot. 

Wine and cigars go hand in hand. Optimal flavors can only be attained by aging them. The best cigar brands may require 12 to 24 months to taste their best, although some experts claim that up to 5 years are needed for certain brands. The following factors should be kept in mind when choosing a humidor that fits your needs.

During the preservation of cigars, humidity and temperature conditions are crucial, which are provided by the right humidor. If your cigars are stored improperly, neither will they age well nor will they taste good!

In order to store them correctly, you’ll need to maintain the right humidity and temperature for long-term storage. Make sure your investment in stogies is protected by investing in a quality humidor!

Where should you buy a humidor? Or better yet, which one should you buy? 

1. Select the right humidor size

What is the right size of a humidor? There’s simply no need to overspend on humidors; you should always buy one that is larger than the number of cigars you will be storing in it.

Humidors require proper airflow to maintain the perfect climate for your cigars, so this is the most important thing to consider. The temperature and humidity inside an overcrowded humidor can be affected significantly, thus ruining your expensive collection.

Unless your humidor is the right size and capacity, you will not be able to achieve the perfect level of humidification.

The cigar count in every humidor varies based on its shape and size, from 100-thousand. A humidor capable of holding 100 cigars is the right choice if you plan on storing 50 stogies.

2. Determine what cigars you will store

One of the most essential factors to consider when purchasing a humidor is what kinds of cigars you plan to keep. To satisfy their needs of smoking various cigars, cigar lovers collect various stogies from mild to full-bodied cigars.

The flavor profile and aroma of cigars will be altered if they are not properly separated so that you cannot enjoy the true essence of the smoke.

The best part of being a cigar aficionado is enjoying your cigars the way they were intended to be enjoyed, so if you plan to store several cigars in the same humidor, consider buying a humidor with multiple drawers and compartments.

3. Get a humidor that is suitable for the climatic conditions 

They come in a wide range of wood finishes like walnut, mahogany, dark cherry, etc. A humidor that is both functional and can also serve as a piece of furniture can be the perfect choice for your living room or office.

4. Think about where you are geographically 

Consider where you want to place the humidor when researching how to purchase the right one. In addition to location, a factor that’s often overlooked is distance.

In the event that you live in a region with moderate temperatures all year round, keeping the ideal conditions is not likely to be a problem. The way in which your humidor functions may be affected by locations that have extremely cold winters and hot summers.

Even so, it is not a problem that cannot be fixed by an ideal electronic humidifier. When your humidor is properly set up, all that’s needed to monitor its temperature and moisture levels is to occasionally check them. You are done fine-tuning humidors’ technical parameters according to your region!

5. Consider the installation space

In addition to location, the storage space is also ideal. The amount of space it takes up, aside from the geographical region, is crucial.

A humidor cabinet for a desk or even a coffee table can be helpful depending on the available space. It is necessary to have a plug near an electronic humidor at all times since they should always be plugged in. 

In case you will be traveling frequently, consider a compact, lightweight, and budget-friendly portable humidor that can store up to 40 cigars.



Steven Gregory