Iggy Azalea is reportedly really happy months after breaking up with baby daddy Playboi Carti – here’s why!


As the fans remember Iggy Azalea and her baby dad, Playboi Carti , ended their relationship in October and now they’re apparently quite cordial as they raise their little boy Onyx together. In addition, an inside report claims to know that the female presenter would also be open to finding love with someone else at this point!

In other words, it sounds like Iggy isn’t looking back on her failed romance with Playboi Carti.

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Instead, she’s just enjoying life as a new mom, but that doesn’t mean she’d be against starting something new if the right person showed up in her life at that point.

A source shared on HollywoodLife that ‘Iggy has never been happier to be a mom has brought that deep sense of satisfaction. Iggy is open to meeting someone, but only the right one. She doesn’t have time for BS. She has a lot of men who pounce on her, but the point is to meet the right one. She has no need to have a husband. Your life is very full and happy. But when the right man comes, she’s open to it. ‘

That’s great to hear as Iggy and Carti’s breakup was so rocky!

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However, now it seems like they are pretty peaceful while raising their son together.

“She’s doing her best to do Carti a favor, because it’s about Onyx, not her. But she really doesn’t talk about this situation at all. She is very careful when it comes to that. Since reporting on him on social media, she has made every effort to stay genuinely private. Iggy is concerned about being a great mom and worried about her career. “The source went on to dine for the same news agency as well.


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