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What is a customer loyalty program how is it benefits business?

The customer is king. It applies to businesses of all kinds. Customer satisfaction and customer retention are two major factors that you should pay attention to. This will help in the growth and development of your business. To achieve customer satisfaction and customer retention, the business needs to create a favorable consumer experience.  While the location, ambiance, and the stocks you hold can be factors that enhance customer satisfaction loyalty programs are considered to be effective in ensuring customer retention. The Importance of Customer Loyalty Programs in Small businesses cannot be undermined in this highly competitive market. 

Customer loyalty program- what is it?

A person is considered to be a loyal customer of your business when he /she consistently opts for the products and services of your company. They do not consider buying the products and services of your competitors despite the price and availability advantages that might be on offer. They would prefer to wait and are even ready to pay more to access the products from your business. It is because they are familiar with it and appreciate it.

Why customer loyalty programs are important- the importance of Customer Loyalty Programs in a small business can be understood from the study by Rare consulting that suggests:

• 83% of customer loyalty programs are effective in getting the customers to do business with the company consistently. 
• 76% of customers suggest that customer loyalty programs strengthen their relationship with a brand or business
• About 50% of the customers seem to join loyalty programs to save money while 37.5% of them like loyalty programs for the rewards that they can get.

There is also a clear indication that loyalty programs influence purchase decisions as well.

Benefits of customer loyalty programs
Having considered the Importance of Customer Loyalty Programs in Small businesses, it is time to consider how it would benefit the small business. It includes

Increased revenue–   Apart from the trust that the loyal customers place in the products and services that your business has to offer, they also tend to spend more. This is indicated in a study. It suggests that customer retention due to loyalty programs increased by 5%. However, it seemed to increase revenue by 25%-95%.

Saves Money– Customer loyalty programs can be less expensive when compared to other methods to attract new customers like advertisements,  digital marketing, sponsorships, etc.

Gather valuable data– You can gather valuable by introducing loyalty programs in your small business. you would be able to measure the efficacy of the loyalty program on your sales. it will give you data or important metrics like repeat customer rate, purchase frequency, program engagement, etc.

Attracting new customers– Loyalty programs are capable of attracting new customers as well.  There is a chance for new customers o shop from you simply because the rewards on offer are attractive or easily accessible. 

You can use customer loyalty programs to showcase new products as well. There is no doubt that customer loyalty programs can deliver benefits. But, it requires planning and analysis to come up with the right type of loyalty program and time appropriately. 

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