Javon Wims explains the sucker who led the NFL Bears to droop WR


NFL fans were puzzled on Sunday after Bear's broad receiver Javon Wims Saints hit linebacker Chauncey Gardner-Johnson with a sucker.

Most fans only saw the first replay, where Wims inexplicably ran up to Gardner-Johnson and hit him twice. When I saw the replay there was no clear indication of what was causing Wims. After the blows, the Bears and Saints players went out to defend their teammates and a minor brawl ensued.

So what happened

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Wims told NFL representatives, according to the NFL Network, that Gardner-Johnson spat on him and ripped out his mouthguard in a previous game.

#Bears WR Javon Wims told team officials that #Saints CB C.J. Gardner-Johnson spat on him during Sunday's game in addition to ripping out Wims & # 39; mouthpiece before Wims Sucker hit Gardner-Johnson, according to sources.

Wims was ejected. The NFL is now also considering a suspension.

– Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) November 2, 2020

This wasn't apparent the first time it was played, but a smart Twitter user could break down the entire interaction.

The drama started with the bears' first possession in the second half. Wims and Gardner-Johnson got into an exchange, and Gardner-Johnson clearly knocked Wims & # 39; mouthpiece off his helmet. The replay does not reveal whether Gardner-Johnson spat on Wims, as the bear recipient allegedly claims.

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It starts with this game in the first possession of the bears in the second half. After a few words, CJGJ rips off Wim's mouthpiece and it falls to the floor.

– Evan Saacks (@evansaacks) November 2, 2020

Wims was signed to the next game, which meant he would have to wait for his retaliation. The bear ride eventually ended without a wims, which meant he had to wait before he could be back on the field with Gardner-Johnson. He was waiting on the sidelines for about 11 minutes in real time when the Saint's offense owned the ball.

When the offense of the bears returned to the field, Wims got his revenge.

TO UPDATE: On Monday, the league announced a two-game suspension for Wims.

#Bears WR Javon Wims has been suspended for two games for punching #Saints Chauncey Gardner-Johnson in his helmet, throwing him out and causing madness on the field.

– Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) November 2, 2020

UPDATE 2: Wims addresses the suspension. A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported.

Gardner-Johnson, meanwhile, denied spitting on anyone.

"It has nothing to do with me. If he plays, it's up to him," Gardner-Johnson told reporters on ESPN. "It wasn't an incident. We won the game. I mean, everyone, it's a lot he said, he said. Nothing happened. Nobody was spat on."

Bear's coach Matt Nagy told reporters on Sunday night that Wim's actions were "unacceptable". He told reporters Monday that he spoke to Wims and the recipient expressed remorse.

"He has apologized and knows that no matter what happens, you can't do what he did," said Nagy.


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