Jennifer Lopez finally breaks her Alex Rodriguez engagement – here’s why she made that decision!


After trying to get it working last month, reports say Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez officially broke up! Apparently the “trust” of the triple threat was broken and when that happened there was no turning back!

Of course, she tried her best for her mixed family, but in the end there was no way she could stay with her fiancé and they broke the engagement.

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The former couple issued a statement about E! Messages that read, “We have realized that we are better as friends, and we look forward to continuing to do so. We will continue to work together and support each other in all of our mutual deals and projects.”

This came after reports of their problems in Paradise were released last month.

It was rumored that they have been fighting for months and are slowly losing confidence in each other.

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But while that was the case, the couple made it clear at the time that they weren’t over yet.

The former Yankees athlete insisted he wasn’t single and that “we work through some things.”

Sure enough, he even flew to the Dominican Republic, where J.Lo. made a movie to hang out with and try to fix things.

Obviously, it just didn’t work out for the two in the end and they broke up forever a few days ago, as an insider said.

Jen is reportedly “at peace” when it comes to this decision as she “hasn’t been happy in a while”.

Another source stated, “Once your trust is broken, there is no turning back. She feels really good about her decision because she knows that A. Rod will still be in her life, just in one other capacity. ‘

On the other hand, A. Rod allegedly still holds on to the hope that one day they will reunite.


Steven Gregory