Kamara receives six TDs whereas the Saints destroy the Vikings


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Alvin Kamara ran for five touchdowns in a notable win on Christmas Day for the New Orleans Saints against the Minnesota Vikings

Alvin Kamara scored six quick touchdowns to set an all-time NFL record when New Orleans posted a 52:33 win on Christmas Day that put an end to Minnesota's slender playoff hopes.

New Orleans (11-4), beaten by Kansas City last weekend, produced a remarkable running game, with Taysom Hill adding a seventh touchdown to Kamara's record move.

The win ensured the Saints won their fourth NFC South title in a row, keeping on the heels of Green Bay in search of the conference's top spot that will see a reunion in the first week of the playoffs. The Vikings (6-9) are officially excluded from the competition for the postseason. To add insult to injury, the 55 points the franchise has conceded since 1963 are the most.

  • Saints walk by: Drew Brees, 19/26, 311 yards, 2 INTs
  • Urgent leader: Alvin Kamara, 22 porters, 155 yards, 6 TDs
  • Reception guide: Emmanuel Sanders, four catches, 83 yards

New Orleans won a seventh NFC South title

New Orleans won a seventh NFC South title

Alvin Kamara hit the record from Ernie Nevers of the Chicago Cardinals, who scored all six touchdowns AND scored four extra points in their 40-6 win over Chicago Bear on November 28, 1929

In addition to his record-breaking six touchdowns, Kamara finished his career rushing 155 yards and scoring the first and final results of a memorable Christmas Day competition, which also marked the first time in NFL history to play a game every day of the week.

Kamara sprinted for a 40-yard touchdown on the game's inaugural drive, adding 1, 5, 6, 7, and 3-yard runs against an injured defensive front in Minnesota – none of the Saints' seven touchdowns came off the arm Drew trees.

"Today was a great day, we scored the first goal, the division title – from there," said Kamara after the game.

The Saints (11-4) never stumbled, setting a record of yards won by a Viking opponent in a game of 583-264 on the ground and might have won by a bigger margin, if not a pair of brees , one of them, would have intercepted it on a pass that was diverted from the hands of the recipient Emmanuel Sanders.

Alvin Kamara

Alvin Kamara

Brees completed 19 of 26 throws for 311 yards in his second second leg after injuries to the ribs and lungs that sidelined him for four games, while Sanders had four catches for 83 yards and a close finish. Jared Cook caught three passes for 82 yards.

New Orleans' 264 yards rushing were the most by a Viking opponent in the seven seasons of head coach Mike Zimmer.

Positive results were in short supply for Minnesota, but the close end of the second year and New Orleans-born Irv Smith Jr. scored two touchdown passes for the Vikings in the third quarter, the second pulling Minnesota 31-27 to four points.

That was as good as it was for the crowd, however, when the Saints responded in the fourth quarter with two short touchdown runs from Kamara and one from Reserve QB Taysom Hill to get the game out of reach.

Kirk Cousins ​​went through for 283 yards and three touchdowns for the Vikings, who never finally led or followed after Kamara's second TD in the first quarter.

Minnesota's Irv Smith scored two touchdowns when the Vikings cashed the franchise's top-cash in 57 years

Minnesota's Irv Smith scored two touchdowns when the Vikings cashed the franchise's top-cash in 57 years

  • Vikings passing: Kirk Cousins, 27/41, 291 yards, 3 TDs
  • Urgent leader: Dalvin Cook, 15 porters, 73 yards, 1 TD
  • Receiving leader: Adam Thielen, eight catches, 97 meters, 1 TD

Next Both teams play their final game of the season with the Vikings this coming Sunday to end a disappointing campaign at a climax as they travel to NFC North rivals Detroit while the Saints also face Carolina in Charlotte.

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