Kelly Osbourne says she’s getting clothes from the kids’ department these days after a massive weight loss!


After dropping no less than 90 pounds, Kelly Osbourne feels like a whole new person and she got open about her weight loss and battle with body dysmorphism during a new interview. Plus, she even mentioned that she can now buy clothes from the kids’ department as it has a much smaller frame.

Kelly feels like a “whole new version” of herself and she really enjoys discovering this person every day.

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This is especially the case with regards to her fashion as the star is now experimenting with all kinds of styles.

After all, tightening your slimmer body is a learning curve.

While chatting with HollywoodLife, Kelly said, “I’m just beginning to understand how … if you don’t see someone in person, don’t you really know what their body actually looks like? It was kind of like that for me in the sense that I didn’t know how small my frame actually was. I fit into clothes for 12-13 year olds so now I have to get a lot of my shirts from the kids’ section and it’s hard to find stores that have a really good little section.

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Kelly went on to share that one of her favorite places to get cute clothes for her frame was TopShop.

But even there it was quite a struggle to find pants that fit properly.

“I had to cut off a foot and if I don’t or find the ones to be cut just above the ankle then they are full length to me. I’m really struggling to find things that suit me, but I’ve also had this body dysmorphism thing like, “You can’t wear a dress. You cannot shave your legs. You can not do it.’ And I actually got styled the other day, they put me in a pink dress and I said, “Oh, that’s so beautiful!” So I’m finally leaving my little prison of you, can’t wear something like that and explore my options and it’s fun. ‘

The most important thing, of course, is that she is mentally well!


Steven Gregory