Live Public Stamps Auctions in New York: The Thrill of a Real Auction


The Live Public Stamp Auctions in New York, NYare a thrilling experience. For collectors, the thrill of bidding for something they’ve only seen on paper is hard to beat. Live auctions New York offer buyers the opportunity to bid against each other and win items at prices they might not find elsewhere. Live public stamp auctions in New York take place every day of the week, with some days seeing multiple events.

What is Live Public Stamps Auctions in New York

Live Public Auctions in New York are public auctions where the auctioneer is out in the open, and not behind a podium. Live auctions have been around for centuries and Live Auctioneers started to make them more accessible. New York lives stamp auctions allow anyone who is interested to join the auctioneer on stage or bid from the back of the room with just one touch of their phone screen.

How to Participate in Live Public Stamps Auctions in New York

Interested buyers should arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the auction and check-in with Live Public personnel. Live public stamp auctions in New York will provide a bidding number for bidders to use during live auctions, which is also collected as part of Live Public’s anti-fraud measures. The Live Public representative will collect your ID card or valid driver’s license and provide you with a Live Public Bidder Identification Card. Live Public will not accept bids below 50% of the low estimate for any lot, nor above 200%. Live public auction bidders are required to have this Live Public Bidder ID card in order to participate in Live Public Stamps Auctions in New York.

The Thrill of a Real Auction

New York lives stamp auctions are very different from online auctions. Live auctioneers bring the excitement and thrill of a real auction to those who cannot attend live events but want to bid on items just like they would at an actual event. The difference is that bidders can participate in live bidding, sometimes even before all the items are listed, and they can place bids at any time. New York rare stamp auctions offer a diverse selection of items for everyone’s tastes. New York foreign stamps for auction may be the perfect choice for you if you’re looking to buy something quickly and cheaply or want that thrill of bidding on an item live with other bidders around the country.

Tips for Successful Bidding

  • Do research on the items you are interested in bidding for
  • Research current market values of these items to determine a fair price range. Remember that Live Public Stamp Auctions don’t end until all bidders have won an item or no more bids have been made, so it is important not to overbid
  • Memorize the bidding increments and the number of items you are interested in. Live Public Stamp Auctions will start with a low opening bid, so it is important to have your bids ready before they open
  • Live Public Stamp Auctions New York has not timed events (unlike eBay), so don’t be afraid to do some pre-bidding or shopping ahead of time.
  • Live Public Auction items are typically one of a kind or limited edition, so it is important to take the time necessary to research.

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