Matt Ryan's Falcon's future is bleak after Arthur Clean's feedback, however the contract performs an enormous half


From "Matty Ice" to Matty on thin ice.

The falcon owner Arthur Blank brought head coach Dan Quinn and GM Thomas Dimitroff to their knees after another loss in Atlanta in week 5 and put long-time quarterback Matt Ryan in a precarious position: with a big paycheck and a new regime that will follow in 2021 Atlanta leaves, Ryan & # 39; s leaves The future is entirely in the hands of Blank right now.

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Problem: The falcon owner wasn't exactly giving Ryan a confirmation for the future, but bypassing the responsibility of Ryan's place on the team and apparently giving the upcoming regime the power to figure out what to do with the aging QB.

Well, I love Matt as much as I love Dan and Thomas. Matt has been a leader to us, a great quarterback, one of the leading quarterbacks for the past 13 years in the NFL. I hope it will be part of our future plans, but that will be a decision I will not make. Matt has the ability to play at a high level even at his age. I'm not sure whether this will continue or not. I appreciate his willingness to think about it and the level of what he's been playing for 13 years which has been amazing. So we have to see. But then again, it will be a decision that at the end of the day will be left to the player and coaching staff. And whether or not Matt can stick together, and God wants him to be able to do that and play at the level he can play at.

With the Hawks receding since the making of Super Bowl 51, Ryan is likely the next target for fans and the media to blame. Veteran QB wasn't exactly "Matty Ice" in 2020 – guilty of exercising whatever you want – and his owner's comments don't exactly give Ryan a vote of confidence.

In summary, it looks and sounds like Blank is leaving Ryan's future in the hands of the next in the front office and calling plays. But Ryan's tenure in an Atlanta uniform isn't set in stone one way or another, and his contract is the main reason for that.

Matt Ryan's contract

It looks like Ryan will be paid one way or another for the next two seasons. For those who want it out, the answer may not be that simple.

With a dead cap figure of more than $ 49 million for the 2021 season, Ryan is almost certainly a suspension for the team for the next year. In 2022, Ryan has a cap of more than $ 41 million on a dead-cap hit of $ 26 million, which is much tastier than his 2021 situation. All numbers are courtesy of Spotrac:

year Age Base salary Cap hit Dead cap
2021 36 $ 23,000,000 $ 40,912,500 $ 49,937,500
2022 37 $ 16,250,000 $ 41,662,500 $ 26,525,000
2023 38 $ 20,500,000 $ 36,612,500 $ 8,612,500

What is that supposed to mean? Well, even if the Hawks end up drafting a quarterback, they probably won't have much leeway to take advantage of that rookie deal with Ryan on or off the roster for the next two years. You won't have a real out until after the 2022 season with a reasonable dead cap number. Couple in the fact that given the effect of the coronavirus on the NFL, the 2021 season is likely to have a reduced cap on salaries, and that the cap hit will be a much bigger percentage than this season.

Should the Hawks continue to hold on to Ryan, he'll be free to choose after the 2023 season, when he's 39 and out of the Hawk's hair. It's all a short walk for the most productive passerby in Hawk history.


Steven Gregory