Meek Mill has a message for individuals who have invaded his life

Gentle mill shared a message for his haters on Twitter and this sparked a massive debate in the comments section Nicki Minaj and other juicy topics. Check out what he said below.

I've let too many new people into a life I've worked hard for and got a piece without really upgrading my situation. They showed up from me and turned. I feel needed and now I really want revenge. But that's just me!

– Meek Mill (@MeekMill) October 31, 2020

One trailer said, "And Nicki felt the same way with you, goodbye sir." And someone else wrote this: "Twitter fingers will then stay away from social media and focus on yourself and X out of the squares in your circle."

Someone else said, "But you've strayed from Nicki … but you don't see her crying about it on Twitter" and another follower said, "Why are you here in Nicki's business?" How no! Don't do that, clown ????! You'd better save your favorite face and nose because it'll get past Lil Kim!

One follower said the following: "Not a celebrity cursing their fan base and saying they don't care if they talk." I think they're salty because Barbz gets love while birds are kicked. Get a refund first and then come back. "

Someone else wrote, "Your favorites had botched facial surgery. Worry about it," and another follower said, "Your favorites got Nicki's face. Hate anything you want, but she really wants to be like Nicki . " . & # 39;

In other news, Milan Harris and Gentle mill are not as close as they used to be. According to Hot New Hip Hop, the rapper and his child's mother actually broke up a few months ago.

The outlet picked up comments from Harris this week explaining why their relationship was deteriorating.


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