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Moving out to a new location, irrespective of it being a few lanes down the neighborhood or to a new city, we have a feeling of foreboding and anxiety. Pause to think about how your pets might be feeling about the entire movie. Dogs are generally very sensitive animals, they love to be in their cozy corner. Changing a location for them might be a very stressful experience and introducing them to a completely new location might even affect their health. Therefore, you need to be very careful if you are a pet parent.

As mentioned above, pets love their cozy corner, therefore, the entire time the team of movers is coming and going to your house you need to see that your pets are comfortable as well. You need to create their comfort corner while the entire process of packing the furniture and other items goes on inside your home. The comfort corner should preferably be made in another room, where there should be enough dog feed, toys, and water so that they feel comfortable and stress-free during the entire packing process.

Moving long distances with dogs, how to make it stress-free?

●    Keeping the vet on board during the entire moving process is very important. The vet must be informed before time so that you can receive all the papers, prescriptions, and medications related to your pet dog on time before you move. You can also ask your vet whether he could recommend another vet in the new location that you are moving to.

●    Moving long distances with dogs can be a stress and a health hazard for the pets. If you have a small house where you do not have any other room to separately keep your pet then you could leave them at any friend’s place who is a dog lover or you could leave them at a kennel which is recommended by friends or family.

●    When you are finally moving to your destination, then you take your dog in your vehicle. You need to have a carrier where your pet can be placed comfortably and then you need to strap the cage securely with a seatbelt. If your dog doesn’t like car rides, then put a blanket over the cage of the pet so that they can’t feel the car ride.

●    After you have finished moving long distances with dogs, do not let your dog out by himself when you are in the new location. Once they are in a new location they need some time to adjust. It is best to add a label on their collar with the details like their name and address. If your pet runs off on its own, someone will be able to find them and return them to the rightful owner. 

After the initial days, when you have finished moving to your own house, you need to shower a lot of attention to your dog, give them a lot of time and allow them to select their comfort corner in your home. This will make them feel at home and safe.


Steven Gregory