Nagelsmann reveals USMNT star Adams, who is considering leaving RB Leipzig last summer


RB Leipzig manager Julian Nagelsmann announced that he had to persuade Tyler Adams to stay at the club last summer as the midfielder was considering a possible transfer.

Nagelsmann admitted the US men’s national team star wondered if his future could best be served elsewhere, but was convinced to stick with his coach after talking to a few times.

The RB Leipzig boss says he’s thrilled to still have Adams at the club as the American midfielder grows into a top player.

What does Nagelsmann have to say?

“He was dissatisfied in the summer,” said the RB Leipzig boss, according to RBLive. “He wondered if it would be better for him elsewhere. I could persuade him to stay.”

He added: “We’ve got closer to each other even when it comes to the way I think about football.”

Adams at RB Leipzig

Adams moved to Germany in 2019 and switched from his sister club, the New York Red Bulls, to RB Leipzig.

He has made 61 appearances for the club, 32 of them this season.

Adams’ role was rarer last season though, despite scoring the goal that put the club past Atletico Madrid into the Champions League semi-finals last summer.

Nagelsmann still believes that his lower position can make Adams even more of a goal threat, but he couldn’t be happier with the midfielder’s efforts over the past few weeks.

“It’s been exceptional for Tyler in the past 10 or 12 weeks,” he said. “That is reflected in his playing time … His development this year has been excellent.”

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