NBA Finals DraftKings Picks: Recommendation on NBA DFS Lineups for Sport 2 Lakers Warmth Showdown Tournaments


The heat is battered by injuries appearing in the second game of the 2020 NBA Finals against the Lakers on Friday. However, seasoned NBA DFS players know that injuries present opportunities. While the guys will certainly try to overcome illness as best they can (even if something is torn in their foot, like Goran Dragic), the game time is bound to change. This is a different setup from our DraftKings Showdown setup when we tried it in Game 1.

Instead of a value captain, we go into our multiplier line-up with King LeBron James. This move means we won't have Bam Adebayo or Jimmy Butler in our line-up, but both will likely play less than 100 percent on Friday if they pass. James should have another monster game and carry our lineup on his back.

DraftKings Showdown Picks: Lakers vs. Heat Game 2

Captain (1.5x Price, 1.5x Points): LeBron James, Lakers ($ 19,500)

In Game 1, James put up a stat that should be amazing but just hectic for him – 25 points, 13 rebounds, nine assists. With the bonus of DK for double and triple doubles, LeBron is quite cheap as the top player on this list. There's enough to get at the lower prices in this game that the Captain's use of LeBron is a general plus, not a disadvantage.

FLEX: Anthony Davis, Lakers ($ 12,200)

It looked like no one in the Heat could protect Davis as he scored 34 points and nine rebounds in Game 1. Expect that to be the case in game two too, especially if Adebayo is hampered by an injury. If you are putting together multiple lineups for this game, it may be worth swapping Davis and James in one if AD in game 2 contains a 30-20 game.

FLEX: Duncan Robinson, Heat ($ 5,800)

Robinson let us down in Game 1, not really looking for his shot, and missing the few candid glances he got. He's too good a shot not to jump back, at least partially, especially when Dragic is out. The fading of the studs of heat means we need an uptrend at the lower prices, and Robinson's Shooting offers that.

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FLEX: Kendrick Nunn, Heat ($ 5,000)

Nunn gets a lot more risky when it sounds like Dragic is playing, but Nunn looked great replacing Dragic in the opener and should find the bottom regardless of Dragic's Game 2 status. With Dragic out, Nunn will be a chalky but smart game. The left was one of the league's best newcomers, scoring 18 points in Game 1.

FLEX: Alex Caruso, Lakers ($ 3,800)

Caruso came through as our game 1 captain; The rest of our lineup failed him. Caruso is still my preferred captain of value for this panel if you go this route. He gets ample bank minutes and does enough of a little of everything to make a difference.

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FLEX: Dwight Howard, Lakers ($ 3,600)

Make sure Howard starts. Frank Vogel would tilt his hand if it was announced that Javale McGee would start instead. But Howard played well enough as the starter of Game 1 to nod again. He won't play big minutes, but he does score, rebound and block fast enough to be worth it at the price.

Note: if Adebayo isn't there, it would make sense to switch to Kelly Olynyk here. Olynyk will likely see more minutes than Howard if Adebayo misses Game 2.


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