NBA is evaluating enlargement choices, says Adam Silver


NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced Monday that the league has been reviewing previous analysis for expansion, but adding new teams is still not "on the forefront".

The Charlotte Bobcats – now known as the Hornets – were the youngest franchise company to merge in 2004. Toronto and Vancouver were new when the NBA moved to Canada in 1995, though the latter moved to Memphis after 2000. 01 season.

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Speaking to the media on the eve of a new season, Silver confirmed that the effects of the coronavirus pandemic were causing the NBA to "dust off" data on the effects of future expansion.

"I think I've always said that there is some sort of overt fate for the League that you eventually expand," Silver told reporters. "I would say it made us wipe away some of the analysis of the economic and competitive impact of the expansion.

"We've invested a bit more time than before the pandemic, but certainly not to the point where expansion is at the forefront."

Competitive balance remains key for Silver, recognizing those who have demonstrated their passion for running a team.

"You know, we're very grateful for the markets that have shown interest in an NBA team," said Silver.

"One of the problems for the league office, and it comes up again and again in terms of competitiveness. It's no secret that we don't have 30 competitive teams at the start of the season by the likelihood of our ability to win a championship. "

Silver also raised the possibility that the NBA could return to a bubble for the playoffs next year. It ended the 2019-20 season in Orlando due to COVID-19.

"We hope that with the vaccine planned for launch, that we're going the other way, it becomes more and more likely that a home advantage will come back," he said.

"It's coming in May, June, July, and our season is slated to end in mid-July. Until then, there will really be a significant opportunity to have fans in our building."

The new season starts on Tuesday. The Warriors will take on the nets in Brooklyn before the Lakers and Clippers meet in Los Angeles.


Steven Gregory