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Non-Profit accept ACH Payments for fundraising to the next level

Fundraising is an arduous task for any Non-Profit organization although it may be with all the best intentions and the best of circumstances. Donations received from generous people, bodies, corporates, and supporters with a specific purpose are keys to the very effectiveness and survival of non-profit organizations and charities. It is of utmost importance that at these times when the entire world is going through one of the most difficult times we make the most of every donation for the good cause. Non-Profit accept ACH Payments with the most advanced safe processing solutions. They provide the window to Non-Profit Organizations so that these organizations can receive donations directly from the donor’s bank account and maximize their effort in the noble cause.

ACHPayments cut times and costs for Non-Profits
BNG’s ACH Payment processing solutions are the most effective alternate processing solution to the use of checks or credit cards. The process avoids the generation of invoicing and recurring billing saving infructuous time, money and hassles. The processing time is fast and cut costs for Non-Profits. The time and money saved can be diverted to more important areas more effectively. The advent of payment gateway online and its popularity over time has increased more financial transactions online eliminating the use of paper checks and credit cards. In this transition phase use of ACH will make ease of operations and pave the way for Non-Profit Organizations to be more efficient.

BNG ACH Payments streamlines subscriptions
Non-Profit accept ACH Payments primarily because it saves their administration time, processing of transactions are more smooth, quick and enable the Non-Profit organizations to forecast their fund receivables. This enables them to devote more time to focus on the core duties that harness their true potential and theorganizations can progress to fulfill their cherished mission and accomplish their vision. Valued services from BNG Payments have more advantages which include:

– Streamline donations, subscriptions and reduce uncertainty
– Reduce paperwork
– Increased office efficiency
– Increased functionality
– Improve donor relations
– Increase effective collections
– Increase cash flow and also forecasting abilities

How Non-Profit accept ACH Payments?
Very survival, growth, and success of any Non-Profit organization depend on receiving donations from various sources. There are many options for raising funds, such as payments for merchandise, membership fees, special events, or direct donations. When any Non-Profit organize any event and initiate action for collecting funds, ACH allows for convenient online payments. The donors receive an email or message providing them with a link. They have to simply click the link whereby they are directed to the Non-Profit organizations’ online payment system. This eases the buying process of the event ticket and eliminates sending any cheque by mail or paying by credit card. BNG payment processor handles the donor’s financial information enabling it to properly deposit their donations into your Non-Profit’s bank account.The payment processor handles the transaction across online channels. If the Non-Profit owns the merchant account, then the contributions are transferred automatically within a few business days.



Steven Gregory