Ought to Chelsea have a pen?


Should Chelsea have received a first-half penalty against Man Utd? Frank Lampard, Patrice Evra and the fouled player Cesar Azpilicueta have the floor …

Despite a dreary goalless tie at a soaked Old Trafford, there was a moment of controversy when Harry used Maguire Azpilicueta for leverage while clearing a Chelsea corner. He wrapped his arms around the Spaniard's shoulders and pushed him down.

Although referee Martin Atkinson appeared to be a foul, he waved Azpilicueta's claims off and VAR did not review the decision. It was a big post-game issue and Chelsea head coach Lampard was sure it was a penalty.

He told Sky Sports: "Without a doubt. I'm excited to see what everyone else is saying. I spoke to the guys about how many penalties they have received over the past two seasons – they are miles ahead in Europe."

"It's a really clear penalty – VAR is here to make those decisions. They're not always easy on the eyes of referees on the field – I understand perfectly. But I don't understand why that wasn't given.

"The referee is there when he looks at the monitor because I don't think he can explain that he doesn't exist. When you see the picture and the headlock he's in. It's surprising and you have Time to Watch Sometimes they take their time, but they quickly looked at this and moved on. It's really surprising. "


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Repeating his boss's feelings, Azpilicueta asked the referee to use the pitchside monitor to communicate his decision.

"On the pitch, I felt it was (a penalty)," the Chelsea captain told Sky Sports. "I was in front of him and felt both arms around my neck and my shoulders.

"For me the referee can't make the decision. The VAR is there and it's difficult for the VAR to say yes or no. I asked Martin Atkinson to go to the monitor. They are the men who make the decision, so he has to make the decision. The monitor is there for him to help. Sometimes it's 50/50 – just like I imagined. Why not take 20 seconds to look at it? It's a small improvement over VAR .

Harry Maguire climbs over Cesar Azpilicueta to get by
Harry Maguire climbs over Cesar Azpilicueta to deal with it, but the incident has not been reviewed by VAR

"It happens and it's football. Not every time there is contact there should be a penalty. Especially in England there is strong contact, physical contact and especially when you have no intention of playing the ball. I think football and especially in the Premier League with all the great players we have, we have to look for improvements. It is not a criticism, we can all help to create a better league together. "

Even former Man Utd defender Patrice Evra agreed that it should be a penalty and again questioned the use of VAR.

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He said, "It was wrestling. It's a clear penalty. I can see Azpilicueta didn't mean to say it in his interview, but we have to talk about VAR. Footballers have to be responsible for VAR. Everyone knows this is so. " A penalty. As a United fan, I think it's 100 percent a penalty.

"Did I see a Chelsea player go to the referee and ask? No. Maybe you were too cautious to leave. If you see that, the captain and players should go to the referee and ask him the VAR to check. (Azpilicueta said he went and asked)

"Why are you checking VAR for a foul on Marcus Rashford and not this one? I don't understand. I'm so confused by VAR."

Ole: We were closest to victory


Manchester United's Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says if the fans were at the Stretford End there would be more pressure and urgency on the pitch after the goalless draw with Chelsea

United manager Ole Gunnar Solakjaer was pleased with the performance of his side, which had suffered two Premier League home defeats this season, and believed his team were the closest to all three.

"I think there were two teams that played in Europe this week. It showed a little in the first half and it wasn't the best," he told Sky Sports.

"I think we continued into the second half and if the Stretford End was full we could get help and get the ball over the line. I think we held them back and created reasonably good chances. It was very good. " Block from Thiago Silva (after a shot by Edinson Cavani) and a great save from the goalkeeper – he made some fantastic saves against Marcus (Rashford) – so overall a good defensive performance and we created enough big chances that we could have given a victory.

"We all remembered what happened to us the last time we went to Paris (Man Utd lost the next two games to Arsenal in the Premier League and Wolves in the FA Cup), so it was important that we could show that we can play against a good team. " .

Edinson Cavani reacts to missing an opportunity shortly after his move
Edinson Cavani made his Man Utd debut on Saturday and missed a few chances to score on his first appearance

"We started sloppily, but after about 20 minutes and the rest of the game we kept more possession. We put pressure on them without a lot of big chances, but the ones we got were great. Today I thought we would be closest to victory. " .

"We conceded a goal, we had some pressure, we stopped the defeat at home. We wanted to win, of course you want to win at home, but I think it's a solid performance when you think about the week we had We had a very good week with two wins and one draw. "

Lampard: The clean sheet shows the progress


Chelsea boss Frank Lampard said his side should have received a penalty for challenging Harry Maguire against Cesar Azpilicueta in the goalless tie at Old Trafford

It was the second game in a row that Chelsea remained clean – albeit without scoring – and Lampard was pleased with the defensive aspects of the performance.

He added to Sky Sports: "We are happy with the goal we conceded. You obviously want more than a point but coming to Man Utd if you don't admit it is a good base and I think it shows and it is a further development. " for us.

"Was our game where we wanted it in the last third? No. I think that's pretty understandable. At that level, when you get to the last third, you want things to happen a little more, and it hasn't proven. " us today.

Frank Lampard praised Thiago Silva's performance against Man Utd
Frank Lampard praised Thiago Silva's performance against Man Utd

"There were parts of the game where we were in control but not enough penetration. There are things to improve, but we have to praise things that are good and defensive. It was very good."

"The big man (Edouard Mendy) makes a couple of saves in goal, Thiago (Silva) was imperious and showed his experience and quality and then Azpi next to him. They are good staff there, defend and make the right decisions. It's a great one Thing for us.

"It's a base, but we want more. It's not a nice thing for the future because we want more. We should definitely be happy with some things that we've seen defensively now."

Evra and Hasselbaink argue about performance



Patrice Evra and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink had different perspectives on the goalless draw between Manchester United and Chelsea – and they didn't hold back in their post-game debate!

Evra has been joined by former Chelsea striker Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink at the Sky Sports studio, and the two clash when discussing the game as a whole. You can click the video above to watch it.

Former Man Utd defender Evra explained his stance by saying: "For United, I would say we saved a goal, especially when Lindelof and Maguire have received a lot of criticism and they played a really good game. But I speak about the whole game – it was boring.

"If they had leaders on this Man Utd team they wouldn't play with fear. I don't want to be tough on them but they came from that bad loss to Tottenham and I think they have recovered so well against Newcastle." PSG and today I wanted to watch United play without fear, regardless of whether we concede goals. This is my concern. "

Hasselbaink also said: "I want to watch fun football but I understand why they are playing at five and why they are looking for a goal because they need to gain trust at the back. I want goals and people to run forward, but Chelsea." are not there yet. You improve step by step.

"You conceded three goals against West Brom and Southampton and it is a little bit self-confident so you should win defensively today. But now it's about balance and how can we achieve balance by scoring goals and without conceding stay." . "


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