Peter Thomas celebrates his birthday with NeNe Leakes – see video


NeNe Leakes has made a lot of headlines lately after leaving the RHOA series. She also spoke to her fans about the reasons she decided to leave the show.

In short, she wanted Bravo TV to treat her fairly, and she wasn't happy with the check they'd offered for the next season.

Now Peter Thomas celebrated his birthday and NeNe was also at his side. Check out the video he posted on his social media account.

“Come on my birthday like an MF with my sister @neneleakes @baronemiamibeach; I am 60 years old today. All Nene always support me. Loyalty is everything. @bravoandy, ”he wrote his post on IG.

Some people said that these two look too close to each other.

One follower said: "Nene loves her, Peter, and she can't hide it!" She is the only woman for him they will marry in the future. "

As one commenter wrote, "Nene says your name is exactly what Whitney Bobby said. I love your sister / brother friendship. And yes, loyalty is everything."

Another follower said, "Gregg, who ??? She has wanted Peter for a long time. She will probably give him a lap dance, "and someone else wrote," Peter is in a whole relationship with a beautiful queen. You guys are messy lol. "

Another follower said, "I still can't get over calling him Patricia, even though it's been so long lol."

One follower wrote: "My goal is to live your best life at any age, but Nene continues to invite negative energies in."

Another person said, “You look pretty damn cozy. They were either bed friends before or soon will be. But go ahead. I will wait for the new season to start without an ole loudmouth. ???? ’

A fan defended these two, saying, “Yall, Nene and Peter were always cool even after the divorce. Cynthia and Peter are cool too. There's no drama here, folks … "

NeNe Leakes left the RHOA series and freaked out their fans. Today it became known that she made the reason for her decision public.


In one video, she cried and stated that she wanted Bravo TV to be fair.

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