Poch on: subsequent job, go away Spurs and extra


Mauricio Pochettino was the special guest of this week's Monday Night Football, opening up a range of themes, from ups and downs in Tottenham to management plans for the future.

Pochettino spent five and a half years at Spurs, taking them to the Champions League final, League Cup final and two FA Cup semi-finals, as well as four top 4 finishes in the Premier League before being sacked in November 2019.

Here are some of the key topics the Argentine coach discussed on the show …

Next job? "I'm waiting to find the right project."


Mauricio Pochettino shares his thoughts on where he might land next when he makes his long-awaited return to football management.

(Will your next job be in the Premier League?) "I don't know. I'm not going to close a door. I learned when I was really, really young, (Pochettino's ex-trainer) Jorge Griffa would say, & # 39; Mauricio, football will determine the way for you. ”And I'm waiting to find the right project for us that is the right way.

"Of course we live in a very crazy situation, a crazy moment in our lives that we never expected. And of course everything is completely different, not just football.

"My energy is full, I would like to take part in the game, but at the same time I have to understand that right now is a good moment that you have to wait for. You have to wait for the right project and definitely football will bring something Football wants, and we have to be open and accept or not. "src =" "srcset =" "size ="
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My energy is full, I would like to take part in the game, but at the same time I have to understand that right now is a good moment to wait for.
Mauricio Pochettino

"Now it's the same game, but a different kind of football. Without fans we enjoy it because we love football. We try to enjoy it, we try to lie to ourselves. But it's so difficult for the players to play, for them It is the coaching staff. " I think it's so difficult for the owners, for the presidents, for the CEOs to stay alive to keep all the employees safe and keep the industry going because there are many people out there who need football to live.

"It's a tough, tough moment. I don't think I'll be out of work in a year. Maybe because of the last seven or eight months. Without fans in the stadium, it's like it's not football. We're watching a similar game, but it's not the passion there, it's not the emotion there and that sometimes (comforts) you.

"When you feel the screams of the crowd and the emotions and you see the game in the stadium, you might say, 'Ah, I want to fight an opponent with your team.' But right now it's like would you be watching on TV, from home … it's strange. A difficult time for everyone. "

Considering being fired from Spurs



Speaking about leaving Tottenham on Monday night, Mauricio Pochettino said he didn't feel bad about the club over his sacking.

"After a year I can say that I was disappointed, a bit upset and not happy. This was a club where after five and a half years the relationship with the staff, the players and the fans was massive. I am not going to lie.

"But at some point I understand very well that this is football. The stadium, in our time, our chapter, the club had to change. But I will not complain about the club, about the decision of (Daniel Levy). All me can only support because we still have a very good relationship.

"The man who replaced me (Jose Mourinho) is a good friend. A manager who has always treated me very well. When he was at Real Madrid, I remember him going to a Champions League game against Ajax and we talked about his move in the Bernabeu room. One delegate said: "Jose, the game is about to start, we have to go."

"I think it's just what I want because I love Tottenham and I know Jose and want the best for him is to try to win. But that trip missed winning a title. We did missed cherry on top of the cake. "

"An amazing journey" with Spurs – now he hopes they will win a trophy with Mourinho

"It wasn't a big surprise. When I was a player I wanted to win. That's our mentality. I wanted to win every game when I was in Espanyol and Southampton. They use the tools to perform at their best and ours too respect." Values ​​and our principles. Providing this platform to help players improve every day. We are very demanding in all areas. We want to help them get better as an individual and as a collective.

"Right from the start I was proud to connect with the club, to build a good relationship with Daniel and to build a good relationship with the board. You saw how we wanted to build. Respect for & # 39; risk is to be done & # 39; 39; Always on my mind that sound was Tottenham about fame and style, trying to respect that and knowing that it would be a tremendous job to compete with the big guys.

Jose Mourinho and Mauricio Pochettino during an FA Cup semi-final between Spurs and Man Utd at Wembley in 2018
Jose Mourinho has replaced Pochettino as Tottenham manager

"When we arrived in 2014, the big clubs were spending money to improve the team. It was a little different for us. Our goal has always been to win, because as a coach it's difficult to maintain responsibility if you don't wins. " , but also to improve and play in the Champions League. I try to be competitors like in the past. Likewise, I try to create an identity, a philosophy that the fans can be proud of. That's why I'm so proud.

"We had the opportunity to build something special, but in the end, when the expectations are so high, you have to win. You need something concrete, something important. Win a title. Premier League and Champions League, we were close. But we all know what happened in the end, but I think it was an amazing trip that we really enjoyed.

"We're just sad that we couldn't give the club and fans a trophy because this group of players deserves to be awarded a trophy. I hope it will be possible in the future, with Jose in the future to win a trophy because. " It would be great for the fans and this group of players, most of whom were with us. "

Mauricio Pochettino on MNF
Mauricio Pochettino joined Jamie Carragher and Dave Jones at MNF

The criticism of Spurs' mentality hurt

"It was a bit of a shame. We were so upset every time we listened to people saying bad things about the Spurs mentality.

"In the end we understood what it means to Tottenham, always behind Arsenal. When we arrived it was 20 or 22 years, always behind Arsenal. It was so painful for our fans and for the whole club.

"It was like with people on the street – 'please, we can't end up down (Arsenal)'. It was like we won the Champions League for people when we got there."

No regrets about Kane's selection in the Champions League final
Pochettino defended his decision to select Harry Kane for the 2019 Champions League final despite doubts about his injury

"The decision is the decision and you can't go back. But sure, if you put me in the same situation again, I'll make the same decision again. You can't doubt Harry Kane. Of course you can do something about changes. But Harry Kane was our main striker and the best player in Tottenham, if not in England or Europe, and if he's capable of playing there is no doubt about it.

"Then it was the long process of Harry Kane. It's a process that started maybe four or five years ago, playing with the dream and fighting and fighting for big things. To be real competitors, not just try, winning a League Cup or FA Cup, they're important too, but with the way we built the squad it was really difficult to fight for four competitions in one season, you have to make decisions.

"But it was our dream to try to be in that Champions League final one day or to be a real competitor in the Premier League. And of course a player to help you … and there was no doubt we did really believed. " The best team to play and play the game and win. I would make that decision again. "

We found a group with different habits "- It took a while to get the method across at Spurs

"We spent a little more time than in Southampton (to teach methods). Southampton was different from Tottenham. When we got to Tottenham the circumstances were completely different. Tottenham was a 33-player team, a team that was trying to to create an identity to change the amount of time they were in and try to come up with a different approach to the games.

"For us, Tottenham has been an amazing journey, more than five years that we have thoroughly enjoyed from day one. People like Joe Lewis, the owner, Daniel Levy and the entire board and staff have helped from day one and then have helped us the players to be successful.

Mauricio Pochettino
Pochettino said he would have to make significant changes when he arrived at Spurs

"We found a group with different habits. The players are not responsible for the habits they adopt. It's always the one who runs the club who runs the company – now football clubs are companies – you have to be strong at how You want to create something to translate the habits and principles into your team.

"The players are important because the principles are brought onto the field. Then you have to create the line from above and be strong in your principles and the way you are going to develop, so that it goes the way you do want it.

"I think it's amazing to have this opportunity to feel free and do something special at Tottenham. Change is always painful, really painful. But when you arrive at a new club you have to make some changes. You have to start That's why It's so important to create this big platform. The coaching staff is about creating a platform where the players can feel comfortable and improve. "


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