Police arrest after protests from Man Utd


Greater Manchester Police made an arrest following protests from Manchester United fans at Old Trafford on Sunday.

A number of supporters broke into Old Trafford ahead of the scheduled kick-off against Liverpool at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday as a demonstration against the club’s owners, the Glazer family, escalated into incidents of harm and violence.

The game was postponed about an hour later due to the interruption and a decision had yet to be made on a rescheduled date for the game.

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that six officers were injured during the demonstration, one of whom required hospital treatment and has now been released.

“So far, six police injuries have been reported, with one officer sustaining a broken eye socket requiring medical treatment and another sustaining a face wound after bottles and cans were thrown from the crowd,” a statement said Greater Manchester Police.

“A third officer was dragged and kicked. The officer who was visiting the hospital has since been released.

“A 28-year-old man was arrested as a result of this investigation and all available evidence is urgently being reviewed to identify both the organizers of this protest and those responsible for the officials’ attacks.”

Nick Bailey, Deputy Chief Constable of GMP, said: “The behavior at this protest was absolutely cruel. The officials were just trying to do their job and facilitate a peaceful protest.

“However, some of those present became hostile and aggressive towards officers and forced entry to the football field. This made it clear that this protest was not peaceful and ruined it for the majority of demonstrators who did not intend the protest to become violent.”

“Our officials attempted to contact protesters but were faced with violence and aggression, which resulted in enforcement action being taken. Enforcement will always be the last resort, but in these circumstances it was deemed necessary in order to prevent them Maintain security in a situation where it did. ” increasing hostility.

“No officer should have to come to work to face these conditions. This violence was completely unnecessary and resulted in officers being removed from the front line police and neighboring forces to keep the disorder from worsening, which increased and strained our ministry and ultimately took resources away from those in desperate need of our help.

“We are reviewing all available evidence and following all lines of investigation at our disposal to identify the organizers of this protest and those responsible for the officer’s attacks. If anyone has any information or a mobile phone recording of the event itself, please have a seat Get in touch with the police as soon as possible. “

The Greater Manchester Force investigation into the incident at Old Trafford on Sunday is ongoing.

The protests were a demonstration by Manchester United supporters unhappy with the Glazer family’s 16-year-old property. They took place two weeks after United announced it was a founding member of the now-collapsed European Super League.


Steven Gregory