Ref Watch: & # 39; Human Error & # 39; To not blame for any Pickford crimson


Jordan Pickford should have been sent off for his duel with Virgil van Dijk, but "human error" was not the cause of a red card, Dermot Gallagher told the latest Ref Watch.

Everton 2-2 Liverpool


Liverpool's Virgil van Dijk will undergo surgery after injuring his knee in a clash with Everton keeper Jordan Pickford

INCIDENT: In the sixth minute of the Merseyside derby, Everton's goalkeeper Jordan Pickford faced Virgil van Dijk in the area and made a high, sliding tackle. He caught the defender around the knee and rattled him, but Van Dijk was already marked offside.

However, no booking was made – yellow or red – and neither the referee nor VAR officials thought it was worth checking. Van Dijk was replaced shortly afterwards and is undergoing knee surgery as he is about to take a long break.

DERMOT & # 39; S VERDICT: Wrong decision.

DERMOT SAYS: "I think the process has been followed in some ways, but it was flawed. When the officers see it, they think we need to look for a penalty. There are three steps – if it is offside, if it is a penalty, there are more Sanctions?

"What they did is the thought that it was a punishment?" What it is, so you have to go back and see if it is offside. You check this and it is offside so the punishment is negated. It was then overlooked. Go to step three, which shouldn't have been done, and we all know it should have been a red card, but it was a human error and we can only apologize for it.


Graeme Souness and Jamier Carragher discuss VAR's decision not to send Jordan Pickford off after his challenge against Virgil van Dijk during the Merseyside derby

"That's all you can say. The process went backwards to go forward, it stopped at step two and didn't go to step three. It's that simple."

Couldn't someone have told the VAR officials about the wrong decision?

"First, the VAR hub is completely closed, people can't access it, and they can't ring the bell. Then when you find they are going to restart with the offside decision, even if you get to them, it's too late because the game would have restarted and as we all know, once you restart the game you will never be able to come back.

"It's easy now to look back, it's a red card and I think anyone looking at it from the outside that day would say red card, it just went through the log, didn't work out the way it should should work. "

Can there be retrospective action against Pickford?



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"It's a difficult question to answer. I'm not sure how it works exactly because it's such an unusual circumstance."

It was later confirmed that Pickford will not face any retrospective action by the FA. VAR reviewed the incident and decided that Liverpool should not receive a penalty as Van Dijk was in an offside position. VAR also concluded that Pickford's challenge didn't deserve a red card.

The FA will only consider retrospective penalties for incidents not seen by match officers on the field or at the VAR headquarters at Stockley Park.

Everton Liverpool faces Mane
Sadio Mane was fined for offside, but the VAR assessment images provided little clarity about the decision

INCIDENT: In the final moments of the game, Jordan Henderson scored the winner but was not sidelined. A VAR review revealed that Sadio Mane – who set up Henderson – had his elbow in the build-up just in front of the Everton defense, even though one arm cannot be sidelined.

DERMOT & # 39; S VERDICT: Right decision with the technology available.

DERMOT SAYS: "All I can do is explain the parameters of VAR. When they set it up, this was the best system they had right now. All 20 teams bought it and they know how it will work. It. It." is the only element of VAR that is absolutely solid, either sidelined or not, and when the VAR officers drew the lines, they felt that Mane was just sidelined and given as such.

"At the beginning of the season we were talking about fine margins and one thing shows that we didn't know how good they were. In the end it will drop to millimeters and that is exactly what it did on Saturday.

Richarlison (face down) is shown a red card by referee Michael Oliver
Richarlison (face down) is shown a red card by referee Michael Oliver

“I look at it and think 'how tight is that?'. I wouldn't have wanted to be the VAR to make that judgment on Saturday. It's such a close call, but with what he did The season is the best process at the moment and that is offside. You cannot fight this judgment – with offside and VAR it is either offside or not, there is no subjective decision that many people have other decisions by the referee. "

INCIDENT: Richarlison was sent off in the 90th minute after a tight challenge on Thiago. He started the duel with his bolts, where another Liverpool player was injured.

DERMOT & # 39; S VERDICT: Right decision.

DERMOT SAYS: "I think this is all about the umpire's position. When you see where Michael Oliver is, he can see the distance Richarlison has traveled, the speed he has traveled and he can see the impact think with this combination it is undoubtedly a red card. Everything is stacked and all the boxes are checked.

Newcastle 1-4 Man Utd



Highlights from Manchester United's victory over Newcastle in the Premier League

INCIDENT: Man Utd received a penalty in the 58th minute when Jamal Lewis hit Marcus Rashford at the head of the field. VAR reviewed the incident with referee Craig Pawson using the pitchside monitor before awarding the visitors the penalty. Bruno Fernandes saw the resulting free kick saved by Newcastle goalkeeper Karl Darlow.

DERMOT & # 39; S VERDICT: Wrong decision.

DERMOT SAYS: "I didn't think it was a foul and I've spoken to colleagues who think it was a foul. Lewis doesn't get the ball, there's no doubt about that, but I wonder if there's enough contact to bring down Rashford.

"That means it was sent to VAR and the referee went to the monitor. I always believe that even if the referee comes back and makes a decision that you disagree with, at least he has taken ownership of it looked at it again and decided it was a punishment, so I admire him for it. "

Crystal Palace 1-1 Brighton



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INCIDENT: Crystal Palace received a first-half penalty after Brighton's Tariq Lamptey was punished for a foul on Michy Batshuayi. However, retries showed there was little contact, but no VAR check was used to make the decision. Wilfried Zaha scored the penalty for Crystal Palace – the only shot on goal in the entire game.

Brighton manager Graham Potter told Sky Sports after the game: "When I saw it (the penalty) live, I thought it was soft. I think if you want to defend the referee as soon as his (Batshuayi's) arm is up there is an excuse but at the same time just because his arm is up doesn't mean it's a foul too, I think he fell pretty easily but I'm not sure if it was a penalty . "


Graham Potter says his side earned at least one point in the 1-1 draw with Crystal Palace and that the penalty against Lamptey was generous

DERMOT & # 39; S VERDICT: Wrong decision.

DERMOT SAYS: "There was minimal contact. Batshuayi can feel a hand on his back and the fact that he is throwing his arms in the air … I think the referee saw him fall and Lamptey pulled Batshuayi down, but I don't think so he did it.

"Unfortunately when it was referred to VAR, they didn't think it was a clear and obvious mistake and so the penalty stood. From my point of view, I think it is not a penalty at all, except from the point of view of the referee. He believes "Lamptey pulled the striker down and VAR took part."

Man City 1-0 Arsenal

Sergio Aguero, Sian Massey-Ellis


Sky Sports expert Micah Richards says former Manchester City teammate Sergio Aguero should know better after the Argentine striker laid his hand on Sian Massey-Ellis

INCIDENT: In the first half Sergio Aguero denied the decision to give Arsenal a throw-in with assistant referee Sian Massey-Ellis. As she left, Aguero put his arm around her shoulder to try to speak to her. The officer wiped it off before the striker went back onto the pitch. While the incident caused a stir on social media, the referees did not believe that formal action was required.



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DERMOT & # 39; S VERDICT: Advises against touching game officers.

DERMOT SAYS: "I would seriously dissuade any player. It is not advisable. In defense of Aguero it is almost a curious thing, he probably didn't realize he did it but he shouldn't. I wouldn't be surprised if he was reminded today by his team not to do it. "


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