Russell Wilson Trade Rumors: Carlos Dunlap spoke to Seahawks QB believing he was “here to stay”.


Like everyone else in Seattle, Carlos Dunlap had wondered all along the NFL Free Agency if Russell Wilson wanted to stay with the Seahawks. Unlike most people in Seattle, Dunlap could ask Wilson directly about his status with the franchise.

Before signing a two-year deal with the Seahawks last month, Dunlap, traded from Cincinnati to Seattle in the middle of the 2020 season, spoke to Wilson and received some encouraging news. Wilson had previously expressed frustration with the organization, sparking numerous trade rumors and speculation, but the end of the veteran’s defensive received reassuring news from the Pro Bowl quarterback.

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“I asked him if he would obviously be with us because when I come back I’ll come back because I see him as my quarterback and the rest of the team that I want to pick up where we left off,” said Dunlap on Tuesday to reporters. “And he told me he was with us and staying here, and he said, ‘Let’s go Hawks.’

“I will not quote every one of his words. Those words are not literally his words, but these are my explanations of how I interpreted what he said.”

Multiple reports indicated that the bears were aggressively pursuing a Wilson deal, making a monster offer that included three picks for the first round. The Seahawks stayed calm on that front, however, and with the off-season now drawing to a close, Wilson will likely be Seattle’s starting QB for Week 1 of the 2021 campaign.

As for Dunlap, there was no debate about his preferred team. The 32-year-old always wanted to stay with the Seahawks, even after they initially released him due to the salary cap.

“They were very transparent and I really appreciated that from day one,” said Dunlap. “When we did the signature and the deal, they let me know that this would be a possible move in the EU [offseason]. And then when it actually happened it still hit differently because I’d never been cut before, but they were still very transparent.

“They wanted me to know they wanted me back, just that was one of the steps they had to take given the situation they were in in the cap.”

You can see the full Dunlap press conference below.


Steven Gregory