The Lost Colony of Roanoke


Roanoke Colony’s creation is often seen as one of the first attempts by an European nation to establish an independent political institution in the new world. This was undertaken by Sir Walter Raleigh, a highly experienced and successful entrepreneur who had earlier established other colonies in the Caribbean and Trans-Atlantic areas. He also managed a large colony, which was later renamed New Jersey in North America. It must have been a incredibly satisfying feat for him to lead his people from their home land to the first English colony in the Americas.

The “Lost Colony of Roanoke” is among the most important stories about the colony’s beginnings. Sir Walter wrote in his book “The First colony of Roanoke” that the “Pillows of Plymouth” were actually buried at an approximate depth of six feet beneath the surface of the sandy soil of the present-day Hampton Bay, Virginia. The pillows contained a piece of driftwood that contained the bones of female Croatoan. This discovery was the start of the legend of the “Pillow of Remembrance”. While there is no evidence to support this is true the name stuck and became part of American history.

In recent years, numerous artifacts that belong to the Lost Colony of Roanoke have been discovered in various Roanoke Island archaeological digs. These artifacts consist of stone tools, different sizes of shells, weapons and fireplaces. In addition, there are some skeletons and artifacts that were discovered in an area that is now referred to as Albemarle Sound. The Roanoke Islands Archaeological Research Associates discovered these artifacts. In addition to finding these extremely old artifacts found on Roanoke Island, in the early 1990s, several artifacts dating between the years of 1693 and 1697 were also discovered on Roanoke Island.

The United States government had long been interested in the colony’s disappearances

This is why in 2021, the United States passed a law called “The Native American Graves Act” to define the rights of Native Americans related to their remains. This law did not create any kind of identity for the colony’s initial inhabitants. There are some Native American tribes believe their relatives died in the New England colony, and they never made it to Roanoke island. Another theory is that all the Roanoke Island settlers were killed or taken to Virginia by English prisoners on their way. Some DNA samples taken from these settlers were uncovered and compared to those found in Native American genealogy databases.

Many of the cases of missing settlers are based on the belief that the original colonists who resided on Roanoke island were part of the second group. The members of the second group were likely to have written records and instructions to local tribes. Some of these tribes were able to record what they heard from the colonists. However, it’s not certain if these accounts were real. The third group might not even have known that there was a lost colony on Roanoke Island.

The Lost Colony of Roanoke is an intriguing story that is influenced by Native American history. There are many theories as to the origins of the people involved are from. It involves many people. You can find more information online about the Lost Colony of Roanoke or other American Indian stories. Historical documents can offer wealth information. You can also learn about other interesting American Indian stories through books online forums, and TV shows about American Indians.


Steven Gregory