The Psychological Triggers to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Keeping your employees motivated is no easy task. It requires a lot of effort and patience on the behalf of managers and company leaders, which can be tough to do when you’re stretched thin by other work or personal obligations. Yet even with these obstacles, there are psychological triggers that you can use to keep your team energized and productive. In this blog post we’ll explore five key strategies for keeping employees engaged at work:

-Identifying their strengths

-Providing opportunities for growth

-Giving them autonomy over their tasks

-Offering clear goals with achievable milestones

-Celebrating accomplishments

During the Covid Crisis, a lot of people were able to work from home, but the motivation was still an important factor in daily routines.


Identifying their strengths

Being able to identify their strengths and getting to know their employees can help you tailor your approach. For example, if your employee is introverted, it might be a good idea to give them more autonomy so they feel empowered in their work; but an extrovert may need direction or structure from the boss.


Providing opportunities for growth

Understanding what motivates a person can help you determine the best way to provide opportunities for growth. Do they crave independence? Offer them autonomy in their work; are they more of a people person who craves approval from others? Celebrate accomplishments with your employees and be sure to offer clear goals with achievable milestones so that they know how well they’re doing.

Giving them autonomy over their tasks

Giving them clarity as to expectations

Whether they are introverted or extrovert, giving them autonomy over their tasks will help keep your employees motivated. Provide clarity as to the expectations and milestones you set for your employee so that they know how well they’re doing in achieving those goals.


Offering clear goals with achievable milestones

It’s easy to keep your employees motivated if you celebrate their accomplishments. Whether they crave independence or approval from others, it’s important to know what drives them and offer autonomy so that the tasks are tailored for each individual’s needs.


Celebrating accomplishments.

Finally, be sure not to take credit for all of their accomplishments- allow them opportunities to shine and take pride in their results.

It’s amazing what a difference it makes when people know that they’re capable of great things and feel supported in making the most of themselves.


What is keeping your employees motivated?

Knowing how much time people spend in front of screens can help promote a more active lifestyle at home office and in the workplace. A nice balance of screens and activity breaks at work is critical for keeping your employees motivated.  Feeling unproductive can cause a drop in quality of work produced.


Keep in mind that it’s not just about the time spent on screen, but also physical movement throughout the day which keeps people energized. If there is a chance to reduce screen time, then breaks away from the monitors are essential.

A virtual reality headset can be a fun way to incorporate some more active play while staying connected with remote staff all across the globe.



At the end of the workday, it’s great to unwind irrespective of your role. Kick back, maybe grab a beer and watch some sport on the tv, read a book or listen to some relaxing music, or go for a walk on the beach, in the woods or in the park if they are close by.


Steven Gregory