Tips on How to Remove Popcorn Ceiling Faster and Easier


In the 1960s, people enjoyed to cover their drywall or plaster ceilings with a popcorn appearance. Producing this texture was very easy because it really did not need painting– and it concealed great deals of imperfections. Nonetheless, with time, these messy distinctive surface areas capture dirt as well as cobwebs that can be difficult to clean swiftly without damaging

If you have cracks or openings to fill, it can be testing to obtain the correct appearance match for your ceiling. Nonetheless, remove a popcorn ceiling appearance from a ceiling is challenging yet worth the initiative if there are no defects below.

Popcorn ceiling removal can be time consuming as well as hard. When you’re finally prepared to tackle the job, it’s best to do some research initially. Right here are some tips to take several of the discomfort out of popcorn ceiling removal in Denver, CO

Conduct a Scrape Text

Prior to you begin prepping the room for popcorn ceiling removal, it is advised to simply attempt scraping off a tiny section of popcorn using simply a hand scraper. A popcorn ceiling has a dry and bumpy appearance, so the process for removing it might be various if it was repainted or is at least wet. Whether moistening the ceiling assists in any way or not depends on just how negative your popcorn structure actually is. In such situations, you may have to choose in between an actually difficult scraping job or another method of hiding the claimed ceiling.

Test for the Existence of Asbestos

If you are eliminating popcorn ceiling from a home previously, screening for the visibility of asbestos may be needed in order to secure your health and wellness. Even if the test comes back favorable, you can cover the popcorn with brand-new drywall or tongue-and-groove slabs. If you’re incapable to do it on your own, hire an asbestos abatement specialist in Denver, CO to help in your popcorn ceiling removal.

Prepare the Area For a Mess

As you start your just how to remove popcorn ceiling project, cover the floor and also walls with plastic ground cloth. For cleaner clean-up, utilize plastic decrease clothing as opposed to canvas ones because water can seep with. Leave the plastic in place after popcorn ceiling removal to capture messes as you repair and also sand the ceiling later.

Remove all Furniture

When learning exactly how to remove popcorn ceiling, it is best to remove furniture. You will not desire your furnishings in the way every single time you relocate the ladder around. If relocating every little thing out of the room isn’t possible, cluster it and cover it with ground cloth.

Remove Ceiling Fixtures and Fans

Leaving lighting fixtures as well as ceiling followers in position while you figure out exactly how to remove popcorn ceiling will hinder and also might result in unreliable water positioning, so it is best that they are removed first.

Protect Can Lights From Water Spray

Along with stuffing newspaper or rosin paper into recessed can lights, turn those source of power off at the breaker panel or circuit box before beginning your just how to remove popcorn ceilings job.

Get a sprayer and add few gallons of water to it

It is essential to soften the popcorn ceiling prior to scraping it which you can do by splashing it with a yard sprayer. Water extensively and await around 15 mins, then inspect if its soft sufficient. If not, repeat the process again after 10– 15 mins till satisfied.

In order for popcorn ceiling removal quicker as well as easier, it is crucial to confirm the texture wasn’t just painted. If the texture was just painted, you might be able to dry-scrape until several of the panting comes to be exposed. But if paint was mixed into the structure prior to hand, after that entirely wetting down the ceiling could potentially be essential.

Cover Electrical Boxes

Turn off any junction boxes in the ceiling prior to beginning your popcorn ceiling removal project and also cover them with painter’s tape to maintain the power cables completely dry. Then, overlap their open edges with tape and also reduce around them using an utility knife ensuring not to damage cords.

Work in Small Sections

It is best to deal with little locations each time. If you attempt to do too much, the popcorn might dry out prior to you have time to remove it. Respray the area and wait 10-15 mins before returning to removal.

Use a mud pan to make clean-up fast and easy

To remove popcorn ceilings more quickly as well as effectively, utilize a mud pan (kind for holding joint compound) to catch the falling material before it reaches the flooring. While you move around with your ladder in hand or action on/off of it, use the edge of the frying pan to wipe your scrape as it accumulates damp popcorn.

Avoid Gouging

Remove popcorn ceilings quicker and also easier by finishing off the sides of a drywall knife. You can utilize an electrical sander, grind rock or data to do this.

Smooth After Scraping

Scraping a popcorn ceiling can leave tiny dings and also gouges that may call for additional job to repair. Scratching alone will not give you an ideal paint-ready surface, so you’ll likely need to sand the ceiling down entirely in order for it to look smooth.

How Much Does Popcorn Ceiling Removal Cost in Denver

The cost of eliminating a popcorn ceiling was reported by Home Advisor to be $1,707 on average. Eliminating popcorn ceiling is a tiresome process, which is best left to the professionals that take precautions to ensure safety. It’s additionally essential to look for asbestos prior to starting.

Looking for Professional Painters in Denver, CO

If you are looking to hire someone for your popcorn ceiling removal, be sure to call an local expert painters in Denver, Co who can create the look that’s right for you.

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